The White Carrot Or Parsnip

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The White Carrot Or Parsnip

Also known as the white carrot, it has a sweet taste and a scent reminiscent of celery. It can be eaten either raw or cooked. Here is the recipe of

of Parsnip Salad

3 Parsnips
1 green apple
Raisins (a handful)
Cheese like emmental
A pack of 125 g of low-fat plain yogurt


Peel the parsnips and grate them. Peel the apple, cut into cubes and add it to the stingrays.
Add raisins and cut the cheese into small triangles
Make a sauce with yogurt, 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar, lemon juice to taste, oil, salt and pepper and season the salad.
Seasoned vegetables and fruttacon the yogurt sauce, sprinkling the whole cheese

the Horseradish

A member of the cruciferous family, the horseradish root is very fleshy and can be up to 50 centimeters. The flesh is firm, white-cream color, has a spicy flavor. It is usually eaten raw, mixed with vinaigrette to accompany meat and fish.

Horseradish Sauce

200 d Horseradish Root
8 Tablespoons White Wine Vinegar
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt to taste


Wash and peel the horseradish root
Grattugiatela very fine in a bowl and mix well with vinegar, salt and oil. The result must be a cold sauce, very spicy to accompany boiled meats, raw vegetables and fish. This preparation is also known as horseradish.


Ginger, now known for its many beneficial properties, has a spicy aroma and is used both fresh sliced, both powder.

Here you will find the recipe for sweet and sour ginger.

colorful fish skewers

Ingredients for 2 skewers

1 slice of barbed cod
6 shrimp
Lemon wedges
Homemade mayonnaise
Grilled vegetables that appeal to your child
Skewers for kebabs


Cook in a frying pan before the shrimp with a little olive oil
Immediately after passatevi cod, cut into cubes of 1.5 cm thick
Strung alternately fish and vegetables closing the ends of the skewer with lemon
Immerse in homemade mayonnaise fish pieces

Fish Burger Wraps


a piadina
A fish cutlet as the one prepared with the above recipe
leaf salad
A slender thread of plain yogurt


Take the flat bread and warm it slightly in a frying pan
Use it as you would a salad leaves in foil and placed, sliced cucumbers, a spoonful of yogurt, salt and oil
Finally fill in your sandwich cutlet and close
Place in preheated oven for 5 minutes and serve

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