the way how to style a simple outfit

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Clothes make the man, so it is now. And even if you yourself hooks up to: not everyone judged the people once after the exterior? And not everyone classifies people into categories, including through their clothing style? A fur collar that protects fromthe weather of the harsh German winter, the shiny blond hair sends different signalsthan a T-Shirt from the last metal concert, whose printing are covered by flowing hair of man. A difference should not be underestimated, which suggests divergent behaviors and attitudes to life is whether one wears dreadlocks and to prefer barefoot and in harem pants running around or morning rather, gel in the hair of the head puts a tube and then throwing himself to his fashionable Quilted Jacket over the shoulders (and closest to the University rides).
It is so important that you as a trainee about his clothing style is concerned and accordingly to equip. We have compiled here are a few tips and rules that can helpyou.
The jeans: cozy
Hooray for the jeans! Is it not enough to celebrate this wonderful achievement of the 19th century! Even then, there were workers pants. Why should you wear today sothey work? It is almost always appropriate (and this claim it leans too far out of thewindow). But wait: Is not equal to jeans jeans. You should feel contented in her. Sheshould sit not too close and not too far, be fashionable, but not too hip with too many rivets and holes provided. Dark shades of blue and black make tends to be morethan bright. The jeans is a wonderful base and if it fits perfectly, must you Herum nesteln also not all the time on his outfit, to restore it.
The rock: not too short
If you like to wear skirts as a man, only to… But maybe not necessarily in school. Except a pair of pants would completely alienate you and your appearance. A scenario in which an exception applies, would be something like this: you play in a play a woman, because all students who could shine in this role, with food poisoning in the bed. Or: You make a project day about Scotland and present the typical gap. However, there are rumors that the Scots wear nothing under your skirts. Please: Wear always underwear! This rule sounds although absurd, but perhaps should be elevated tothe Supreme principle of teacher clothes.
Here we want to go out but classically of rock as a garment for a woman. And at this point it is time to be somewhat pathetic: Please, please, do the favor of mankind and not to short skirts! And if you are already a short skirt or very narrow one, you compensate for this. In this case, wear necessarily (!) opaque tights, no high heels andnot to tight top. In short, the balance makes itmenjual sepatu converse We do not here discuss about hem lengths, but appeal to your sense of style. The body gives in to time decay in the twenties. Consequences are unsightly thighs. This honesty may kill, but protects againstembarrassment. And another thing: even if you think in the morning before the mirror in their comfortable bedroom light “Ah fit”, in a classroom equipped with fluorescent tubes, the world looks very different. Note: fluorescent light + translucent tights nasty effects for your thighs = (unless you are a model). In anyway any situation, but especially to the reading of blogs fashion Spießer on Sü this topic isrecommended.
The Blazer: fine
Getting ahead is a Blazer? On, one is rather sceptical of this piece of clothing. Request professional says: you quietly wear a Blazer. You should feel in him however. He should not dress up. Blazer is there from different materials. You like it casual, wear but a cord – or even Jersey Blazer. Even Blazer from fixed lineslook great. Wear not to fine yarn, except they offset it again through a casual pair of jeans and a loose shirt. So we were already at the combination: wear tends to be more a pants suit, so a suitable combination of trousers and blazers. You are young and do not work at the Bank. According to what position they hold, can you later everlie to a trouser suit. It would work but probably slightly overdressed in theClerkship. Maybe you are choosing also prefer a T-Shirt instead of a blouse to her Blazer. And now here‘s a final tip: ruched sleeve with a Blazer casual and modern look.

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