Wary of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) in Children and How to Prevent It

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High blood pressure, also known in medical terms as hypertension, apparently not just attack any parent or adult guardian. However, a similar condition can occur and affect children. These conditions should be a major concern for parents. High blood pressure that occurs in children is usually a sign of a serious illness or a real suffered by the baby.

 In fact, the study describes a newborn child can suffer this kondsi. Although high blood pressure triggers choose a lot but the food consumed by the baby became one of the factors that affect this condition may occur.

Therefore, parents need to be aware of sodium intake and maintain a balanced diet and nutrition are applied to children. In addition, lifestyle factors also make a major contribution in this regard. For this reason, discipline in lifestyle patterns of the baby is an important concern that needs to always do well.

Beware of High Blood Pressure In Children

A study conducted recently shows how important it is to always pay attention to sodium consumption associated with the risk of high blood pressure in children. The study also found that the risk of pressure high blood pressure in children and adolescents result increased by 27 percent in the last 13 years.

Experts analyzed data from children aged 8 years to 17 years. And from this study found that increased blood pressure in boys increased by 15.8 percent in 1988 up to 1994, to 19.2 percent in 1999 up to 2008.

While in girls, high blood pressure also increased, but by a different amount that is 8.2 per cent to 12.6 per cent from the second period. In addition, the researchers also discovered three variables, namely the body mass index, waist circumference and also the consumption of sodium associated with an increase in the number of blood pressure in children. Such conditions would be very worrying if you and the parents do not immediately find a solution to this problem in the baby.

Just as in adults, high blood pressure may contribute to mortality compared with other factors which can be prevented with good. Although not pictured by the parents, but the impact of the fatal hypertension such as heart attacks and strokes are the side effects of high blood pressure that can occur in children.

 Therefore, pay attention to diet in children and to ensure that your child get enough exercise and a balanced diet is an important thing that needs to be done to help their bodies so as not to increase overweight or known as obesity. Yes, children who suffer from obesity will be more at risk with alarming health conditions, hypertension or high blood pressure will tend to be prone to attack him.

In addition, keeping the size of the weight so as not jumped in children linked to the best prevention of the risk of type 2 diabetes as this course will be able to keep the baby’s health in the future. Overweight and excessive sodium consumption is a major cause of high blood pressure. Well, let us refer to the following terms of what can be done to avoid or prevent high blood pressure in children. See also: Learn Impact of Hypertension For Body

Preventing High Blood Pressure In Children

Reduce Salt Consumption

Approximately 80% of the food contained in processed foods contain a lot of sodium, especially processed foods sold in restaurants or street food. For this reason, the role of the mother in this case would be needed to avoid so your child does not consume too much salt or sodium out of every scrap of food they consume.

Mothers should be encouraged to be able to make their own baby food at home and reduce eating out. Replace processed foods commonly enjoyed child with homemade food. In addition, adjust the diet of carbohydrates are healthier such as fruit and vegetable consumption and reduce the consumption of fast food or ready meals.

Learn also how to read the labels on food packaging and compare which contains better food given to the baby. Involving children can prepare food process will be able to make your child more fun and easier to learn how to create healthy food to be consumed. Meanwhile, the ideal dose of sodium obtained their approximately 1,500 mg per day. Therefore, make sure that if you adjust the size of this well.

Reduce Time Watching TV

Studies show a strong link between the increase in the weight of children with the time spent watching television. Where these two things can result in great against high blood pressure. For this reason, you are recommended to limit television time on the baby.

The trick, is to distract your baby on the activity more fun and more healthful. Let him swim, do activities outside the home, cycling, help the mother, gardening and much more. Some of these activities will be far more pleasant and more healthful than simply sat there and spend hours in front of the television.

Limit intake of Calories

The simplest way of reducing calorie or calorie intake in everyday is to replace the “liquid calories” such as for example soda, sweet iced tea and other sweet drinks with the consumption of bottled mineral water. Meanwhile, some foods with lots of calories such as fried foods, chips, sugary drinks, red meat, sweets, processed meats and much more also needs to be reduced well.

You and the family is not allowed to eat some of these foods. However, limiting the numbers is important. So therefore, when on the same day you’ve consumed fried or chips in large quantities along with the child. Then in the afternoon there is no longer the same menu and you can replace it on the kind of food is much healthier as vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and so forth.

In addition to restricting calorie intake, a balanced exercise needs to be done regularly. It is necessary to burn the calories that you just enjoy your baby and for the body to process it into energy instead of fat. No exercise after consuming a lot of calories and fat body will store it as fat. Meanwhile, when it is constantly going on then obesity to be a continuation condition of the accumulation of fat in the long run.

That he’s some things you can do to avoid high blood pressure in the small. In essence the role of parents, especially mothers in sorting and selecting any kind of food consumed by the child becomes an important thing that will determine the health of the baby.

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