How do I use a Rectangular Hijab?

Saturday, February 11th 2017. | Fashion

Currently many unique hijab styles that can be used to support the appearance, especially for the women who wear veils. Some people have the opinion that the veiled woman can not look stylish? now many modern Muslim fashion pretty but still Shar’ie. So also with the unique style of hijab bustling market. How to wear hijab rectangular beautiful creations. A Muslim woman has an obligation that requires wearing a veil to cover nakedness. First using the veil is considered old-fashioned and less modern, especially for women teens, but this time the assumption is no longer valid. Wearing the hijab can increase confidence and improve sholehah impression.

how do i use rectangular hijab

Rectangular hijab is also better known as the jual jilbab segi empat, paris current headscarf or veil rectangular in vogue because of the beautiful views and convenient to use. Then how the hell do I wear hijab rectangle?

Actually, how to wear a veil rectangular very varied and can creatively with many other factors. Size model of a rectangular scarf that is wide enough to provide flexibility for the wearer to make their own creations. So that in addition to meeting the provisions of sharia that closes the head and neck, this cover can also cover the chest.

Some of the variations that can be done in wearing a headscarf or veil rectangle may be presented here. Among them you can directly above inner wear headscarves and tight folds that are not easily separated. In addition, rectangular scarf can also be made as a coating to create a two-tier veil so that you look fashionable.

There are many variations and models rectangular scarf that is currently sold in the market. Variations hijab can be seen from the model or type, material, in terms of motive, color. For materials that are thin and somewhat dreamy perhaps more appropriately used as a coating. While other materials, such as silk or chiffon fibers can be selected to direct the veil.

To give you an idea on how to wear the veil rectangular easily applied, following a few steps.
Before you begin, you should have set up a model of a rectangular scarf that have been in accordance with Muslim dress that you will wear and under wear her veil to look harmonious. Suitability need to pay attention to patterns, colors, and materials used.

Once you wear the inner hijab, please attach or wear rectangular scarf over your head. Create a position so that both left and right sides of the same length.

Then close it and find both the sides just below the chin and tied with a needle or pin. Trim the forehead and cheek by folding the fabric hood to the inside. Until this point the only real veil already looks neat.

To provide variation folds, pull one end of the fabric in the opposite direction. If the end of the fabric is on the right side pull to the left. Then draped on the side of the ear and secure with a pin. Likewise, a hood over her head with both hands pulled slightly forward so that the folds.

The final step how to wear a veil rectangle is by adding accessories or brooch to add your beautiful appearance.

How to wear hijab rectangle above creations can you incur while traveling lectures, to the office, or even for a party hangout, the use of color veil quite influential as well, for example if you like veil like pink or pink, the resulting impression when worn will look more For other fashionable colors such as purple, synonymous with elegance and luxurious impression but it depends on how the creation veil worn.

In addition to the tutorial how to wear hijab beautiful creations rectangle above is how to wear hijab creations There are four simple and practical terms? The answer is no, I try to show some other turtorial with the aim that the Muslim woman can appear modern, fashionable and stylish.

For women who have a round face, you can still veiled with simple and fashionable style, how to wear a face veil rounded rectangle to fit the above apply to you but it would be better if adding a few accessories such as brooches creation in the form on the left. Brooches can add a nice and neat appearance of your veil, choose a brooch with a medium-size function to balance your hijab style becomes sweeter.

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