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Although it was not an absolute necessity, but any traveler would want to immortalize special moments in such activities. Therefore they never forget to bring a camera when you’re on the go. Camera for traveling is made up of several types. For example, the mirrorless camera and underwater camera.

Briefing On mirrorless camera

If interpreted in general, mirrorless camera is a camera that is not equipped with a mirror. But when the camera is specifically defined to refer more to the MILC camera or mirrorlles interchangeable lens camera. So the camera lens can be removed and installed again and replaced with another lens, but do not have a mirror.

In recent years mirrorless cameras are often regarded as a suitable camera for traveling and activities. Because the shape is more compact than a DSLR type camera. So it is very easy and practically brought to travel to the beach, mountains and other tourist objects.

Mirr Camera excess or less

In addition to its compact, there are other advantages that make mirrorless camera is often seen as the best traveling camera for now. Although size is not much different from a pocket camera, but has been put on the sensor with the exact same quality with a DSLR camera.

The camera lens for traveling, this can be replaced, so as to produce images or shots with perfect quality. Moreover, the sensor features also have a large size, allow users to do the shooting in the dark or low light.

Then in terms of its operation, the mirrorless camera is relatively easy to use. Because of its features are not as complicated as DSLR cameras. So for the traveler who is not too good at taking photos, the camera mirolless for traveling is a best choice.

Furthermore, if you talk about price, then for the traveler whose funds are not too much can opt for traveling kind of mirrorless cameras. This camera price is much cheaper and very affordable compared to DSLR cameras that sometimes reaches tens of millions of rupiah.

Tips on Choosing a mirrorless camera

In order to obtain mirrorlesss camera for the best traveling, there are some strategies and tips to be aware of.

Quality Pictures or Photos

One of the main purpose of buying a camera for traveling is to capture the moment trip with perfect results. So when choosing a camera, do not just pay attention to the size of the resolution alone.

Large size resolution is not a guarantee that the resulting image will look more perfect. The most important matters that need to be investigated lies precisely on the sensor. The greater the size of a camera sensor, will be more and more light that can enter the camera. So that the noise in the image can be minimized.

practical Carried

Weight and size are the two elements that should always be taken into consideration when buying and choosing a camera for traveling or sightseeing. More lightweight and compact mirrorless camera, can be used as first-choice alternatives.

Especially if traveling activities that do often do in nature tourism objects such as hills, mountains, beaches and so on. Then the weight or the weight of the camera should not be dismissed so as not to cause inconvenience when taken.


Price is also a determining factor, because each activity requires not only a camera traveling alone. There are still many other needs that need to be considered. Such as travel tickets, meals, lodging or hotel costs and other accommodation needs.

So if you do not have that much money, do not force yourself to buy for traveling mirrorless cameras are expensive. The important thing is the quality is good and easy to operate with a great image results and attractive.

Try Before Before Buying

If you want to know whether the camera’s traveling really good quality and in accordance with the needs, the best technique is to try first. So do not just check and examine the specifications and price alone.

This trial course should only be done in store sales only. But if you want to gain more confidence for sure, could borrow to others, especially his own friends. After knowing the result and are absolutely sure the quality is good, the camera can be selected and purchased.

Most mirrorless camera Recommendations

Canon EOS M10

Currently, there are many outstanding camera for traveling on the market. If want to use a mirrorless camera, there are some of the best brands to choose from. For example, Canon EOS M10 that costs only about 6 million rupiah.

This camera has a resolution size of 18 mp and its LCD can be rotated up to 180 degrees. So it is perfect for the traveler who likes to selfie activity. It can also be used to make the video even though the maximum size of only 1080 full HD in 30p, 25p and 24p.

Olympus E-PM2

Best traveling camera brands more types of mirrorless is the Olympus E-PM2 are sold at a price of approximately 4.8 million. This camera has a resolution of 16 mp sizes and 3-inch screen.

Although the shape is quite small, but the Olympus E-PM2 can be used as a traveling companion or traveling anywhere. The resulting image quality is very satisfactory although only equipped with a micro-type Four Thirds sensor size smaller than the ADPC.

Sony A3500

In addition, there are still cameras mirroless for traveling is no less interesting and sophisticated: Sony A3500 at a cheaper price, approximately 4.5 million. Images produced by the shooting with this camera has a quality equivalent to a DSLR.

This is not a surprising thing because the size of the resolution just reached 20 mp with the kit lens 18-50 mm and f / 4 – 5.6. This specification has been qualified to do a photo shoot for fans of photography. Any kind of method of shooting or shooting can be done easily and not complicated.

Samsung NX3000

Recently, the South Korean manufacturer, Samsung has also issued a camera suitable for traveling on the type of mirroless the Samsung NX3000. Size 23.5 x 15.6 mm sensor with a resolution of 20.3 mp ASPC and the kit lens 16-50 mm and f / 3.5 – 5.6.

One of the advantages of this camera is the stone of the batteries can be charged directly to the power supply or using the power bank. It is also very good for selfie enthusiasts, as the shot screen can be rotated 180 degrees. The price is approximately 5.5 million.


Fujifilm X-A1

Brand mirrorless camera to the next best traveling is Fujifilm X-A1 are sold at a price of about 5.6 million. The size of 15.6 mm 23.5 ASPC sensor with a resolution of 16.3 MP and the kit lens 16-50 mm and f / 3.5 – 5.6. The 3-inch screen size.

The results of image processing or image from the camera is also very good, especially when used photographing in bright locations. Shutteer system is its speed and aperture is very easy to set up so that the photographer can capture images with ease.

Along Underwater Camera Tips Choosing it

Besides mirrorless, there is a camera that is suitable for traveling, especially for a traveler who likes to run diving or diving and snorkeling, the underwater camera. Panorama on the seabed or a deep river has always had perfect beauty because it is God’s creation.

Once entered in deep water, a traveler can watch and enjoy various kinds of aquatic life. For example, coral reefs, fish and other aquatic animals with body shape and unique colors, algae and so on. So very dear if not captured by the camera and missed.

Not unlike the kind mirroless for traveling camera, underwater camera also consists of several brands of choice. Therefore, in order to obtain the best underwater camera, there are some things that should be of concern.

Determining the Type Cameras

Same with other types of underwater cameras that exist in the form of a regular pocket camera, but also in the form of a DSLR camera. For the traveler or novice photographer, you may prefer a pocket camera for lighter weight. In addition, the operating system is also very easy to administer.

For a traveler and photographer who has been a professional, certainly the best choice traveling camera used is a type of underwater DSLR that its specifications and better and complete. So that a captured photograph obtained is also perfect.

checking Features

Features related to the need, for underwater cameras that should always exist among which features a waterproof housing availability. This feature is absolute and must be met as it becomes a kind of the main pillars when taking pictures in the water. Choose the underwater camera under his waterproof housing can be used to access the buttons in the camera.

Similarly, the connection underwater lights, should also be scrutinized. And that should not be forgotten, waterproof housing must be able to provide access to external add-on lenses. So when did shooting could use the technique of wide angle and macro closer once.

Features Manual Controls

Between taking photos in the water and land, has a huge difference. Maybe for a traveler and photographer who likes to smell everything automatically, this is not too important. But be aware, automated camera system usually can not be operated optimally when used in the water.

Therefore, always conscientious as carefully as possible whether the camera features manual control for those traveling can be run properly. The goal is that the images produced can have combinations of colors and perfect exposure.

Features Manual Must be There

One of the most important features that need to be checked manually is white balance feature. This feature has a high benefit when the traveler wants to take pictures without underwater lights because only rely on natural light or ambient light only. White balance feature function is to regulate the existing ambient light.

As is known, after the entry into the water then the dominant color that will appear just blue only. So if funds are insufficient, buy the best traveling camera that has a kind of underwater equipment features High Dynamic Range or HDR.

Support External Lens

Then consider also whether the camera for traveling is equipped with an external lens or not. Particularly pocket camera. External additional optical lens is often used to carry out the technique wide angle or macro shooting closer.

Shutter Lag

Shutter lag is the time interval that appears when the button is pressed until the object shot can be captured by the camera. When using the camera underwater, you should put a camera shutter lag its not the same between the models and other models. It always gives great pengharuh on shots, especially against a moving object such as fish.

Those are some things that should be well researched when choosing a camera for traveling which will be used to take pictures in the water. And one more thing you do not have to always keep in mind, buy an underwater camera that comes with a warranty repair in case if there is damage.

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