Traditional ways Taming of tornado

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Friday, 24 February 2012, the vortex tornado also damaged a number of houses in the village Lautang, District Wajo neighboring Belawa directly with Sidrap region. The powerful winds on the same day reportedly destroyed dozens of homes in Pakpak Bharat, North Sumatra Province. Terdapat4 casualties in Sidrap, South Sulawesi and North Sumatra a result of the tornado disaster. Last year, housing a number of residents in coastal areas in Makassar, in Gowa regency Islands Pangkajene (Pangkep), Maros and Barru participate ransacked tornado winds.

In many experiences of citizens in the field of observation, the presence of tornado winds that always begins with the appearance of a kind of white-black clouds that rolled upright like a large sized rods from the sky to the earth. The cloud rolls that are moving quickly seemed to be a central force winds destroyed all the objects that is passed. Not only is the house that can be destroyed, the objects embedded in the earth such as electricity poles and trees can be uprooted large trees flown if passed by vortex tornado.

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Traditional ways Taming of tornado

Communities in South Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi, especially among the local communities has long been familiar with this tornado wind called as ‘Laso Anging’ Of the many stories of fishermen in South Sulawesi, known signs of impending maelstrom Laso Anging if visible black clouds hanging as only covering half the sky moving quickly with the wind and drizzle thin. ” I never saw Laso Anging during heavy rains. Even on many occasions Laso Anging stop immediately if heavy rain, ” explained Dg. Nassa, a dusk-old fisherman in the District Mariso number of Makassar who claimed in his youth had often met in his travels Laso Anging for fishing in the sea around the Makassar Strait to the waters of the islands of Nusa Tenggara and Maluku.

According to forecasts from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics in the next few days after the disaster struck Sidrap tornado, there is still potential tornado winds can occur in a number of regions in Indonesia. We pray that there is no more! Anging lasso or tornado is called a type Tornado lowest level. The destroyer wind may occur because of the weather anomaly characterized by wind gusts in the opposite direction. In the era of modern technological advances now have not found a way to refrain from raging tornado that can appear suddenly at any place when the weather is experiencing heavy overcast. Have not found a method how to destroy the vortex tornado can uproot even have a taproot stuck to over 5 meters into the ground.

From a number of events, when seen by naked eye of the whirlwind tornado spun as roll from heaven to earth. However, in fact the vortex rotates towards the sky, so any objects that pass will be pulled up or blown up and then crashing when out of the vortex. So awful. Of the many folklore tornado in South Sulawesi, was mentioned if Laso Anging it down is not in vain place. But has pathways .place where Laso Anging never happened, at locations around the incident was suspected as the track is likely to be passed back if later there Anging Laso. But the truth of the story is still doubted. In the 70s I have ever witnessed from close event vortex tornado that stretched the length of the vertical enough air with the roll of the drum to the surface of Kendari Bay.

Whirlwind seen moving so fast over the bay from the surrounding sea to the coast Sodohoa Abeli, Pier front Kendari. At that time, the sky was filled with black clouds accompanied by thunderous sound of wind and waves that traversed the tornado. People who are on the mainland coast within about 400 to 500-meters from the center of the whirlwind are feeling the pressure of the wind was so strong. All ran away, panicked. From a sailboat moored off the coast of Kendari Caddi and beyond, sounding much repercussion melafazkan the azan. I witnessed there was a man standing at the top of the pole a boat in a state phinisi berbugil.

There is a growing belief until now among coastal communities in South Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi Province, Laso Anging alias tornado will not move in the direction where there is someone he berbugil. For more than 40 years have passed tornado presence in the Kendari Bay, and until now there has never been more reappearance Laso now Anging at bay during the night was very crowded with cruise activities. Hopefully not happen again forever! There are unique, when the presence of tornado on the Kendari Bay I was accompanied Samaila (kl.50 th) to an affair on the coast of the Gulf front Kendari Kendari RRI Station which is now reclaimed pelubuhan Sailing People in Kendari Lama.

The man who reportedly had been called The Power of the ’90s, when it was working as a civilian employee in the Office of the District Military Command 1412 cleanser which was still based around the village of Salo, in the direction of Kendari Caddi. Everyday Samaila had to walk more than 4 km from his residence around the grounds Benu-continent to the Kodim in Kampung Salo, pp. Aside from being a janitor, people who live in the dorm around Office Kodim Plumbers Sort knew him as to relieve the body and as a result of a sprain.

Pious (Islamic) and is often called upon to lead the prayers for a celebration of the residents in Kampung Salo and surrounding areas. You know, when the vortex Laso Angingbergerak in the waters around Abeli, this man then pointed in the direction of the vortex as much as three times. Interestingly, the turbulence seen immediately become fragmented. When the tornado moves over Gulf waters Kendarihancur and subsided without causing casualties. On one occasion a parent is then revealed to me that, to say: ‘ ‘ Rehul Mehru ” three times and then assign it to the direction of the wind vortex tornado.

” God willing, upon the help of God, the wind like it would fall and subsides, ” he said. Until now I do not know from which language, and what the word ” Rehul Mehru ” submitted Mr. Samaila it. I had never used the prompts because until now never again face to face with a natural event such as tornado or Anging Laso. Hopefully not meet again! In many conversations with a number of old fishermen sea explorers of coastal South and Southeast Sulawesi, generally they are almost as trust feathers fibers that at the highest end of the mast or the boat would avoid the brunt of the lightning strike and Anging Laso.

Likewise, the number of conversations I’ve ever done with farmers ‘Passari’ – maker palm sugar in several areas in South Sulawesi, generally admit have never come across a palm tree or palm trees (producing feather fibers) were exposed to lightning strikes. Similarly, the location where the growth of palm trees never seen attacked by wind. Perhaps from long experience, so until now still alive traditional observation results among farmers and fishermen who consider this area the fibers have a mystery as a lightning rod and object of a raging storm. Wallahualam ……

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