Tips for wearing clothing-body fat and skinny

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We are all great women J however we differ in our figure, size and stature, so that not all women the same clothes. Fashion for small women differs from that for largewomen. With a few tricks, you show just by your largest page.


So that you easily can imagine the topic and our recommendations, we did a photo shoot with 3 of our employees in different sizes. Click on the image of the employeecan check out even more precisely the outfits.


It may be a bit more


No matter whether you size S, M, L, XL or larger: A few centimeters larger you may cheat themselves quietly. So, wear shoes with heel. 4 to 5 centimeters enough, stretch but very beneficial. Pumps or high heels can be, it looks both well.


Tips on outfit presented to Silke!


Left outfit: short jackets and V-necks cheat a few centimeters to do so!
Medium outfit: at paragraphs, there should be some centimeters!
Right outfit: dress short and the chain‘s best long and delicate!
But a little less?


In the paragraphs you don’t need to save, but the length of the clothes. Wear rathershort Cardigan, short dresses and mini skirts. It suits them better, because it stretches visually. A combination of boots with heel and mini skirt is wonderful. Our colleague Miriam in the right outfit shows how good it looks.


Outfit tips, presented to Miriam


Left outfit: Ton-In sound station wagons to grow beyond about themselves.
Medium outfit: due to the stripes in the jeans dress Miriam appears larger.
Right outfit: the mini skirt big time!
From head to toe fashion for small women


Well, maybe from head to toe, but colour tone on tone combinations are not goodespecially small women, because they can stretch out visually. Myriam left outfit corresponds to such a combination. Colors are not set there and can access to your favorite color. They look so good in a pantsuit. An advantage is also a well to tight fitting pants. It conjures up again a few perceived centimeters. Colour separation of topand bottom means a break and thus the body seems smaller.


It all depends on the details


Also the V-neck provides a small optical illusion and makes you compared to the neckline a little bigger (and also a bit slimmer J). Vertical stripes as the jeans dress in a medium-sized outfit by Miriam are also beneficial.


Choose your shawl not too big and massive, so you drown in it. Access to the narrow, delicate scarf. Martina Ewa wears the scarf. This is the absolute maximum, what to thick at the scarf should wear. The same is true for chains. Wear a rather long narrow as a chunky round necklace. The long chains stretch, do a little slimmer, larger and draw attention.


Left outfit: short stretch optically dresses!
Medium outfit: A pants rolled up becomes an eye-catcher in combination with a short jacket.
Right outfitjual sepatu converse ct wear rather tight pants rather than wide Bell bottoms.
What you should avoid!


If you like something, you wear it always. If you wear something with confidence and joy, then you are also. However, there a few things that should better avoid it. These include XXL bags, huge statement necklaces or brilliant ruffles. Do prefer a bow to long, widecut pants, long skirts and long coats. Short is your trumpf.

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