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This page gives you some clues, what clothes you should wear in Barcelona and what shouldn’t, if you want to mingle inconspicuously among the locals. They have some advantages if you customize the style of your dress. Security is a factor (one does not immediately recognize you as a tourist). In addition, you get an authentic Barcelona experience. And thirdly, there is always a good reason to go some shopping! This article provides you with all information about the dress code in Barcelona.


Living in Spain has changed enormously over the last few decades. Spain has become a democracy and influence has rapidly declined to the Catholic Church.


This is reflected in modern fashion and clothing. Still, modesty is still valued and theSpanish dress more conservatively and elegantly.


Although Barcelona is very cosmopolitan and unconventional, there are still some things that you can be aware of and some that should be better. I hope to bring somelight into the darkness my article here. This makes it easier for you to adapt and tobe recognized not as a tourist.


The Spaniard really put much value on your appearance and not so casual dress likewe. The Catalans in particular are very proud people and trying to look good. You place emphasis on designer clothes. The quality of the clothes and the cut is more important to them. It‘s not so hard to find high-quality clothes at a reasonable price. This is especially for foreign visitors to advantage.


Respect the religion. The Church is still an important factor in the Spanish society and not with shorts or airy, you should go dressed in churches.


Show everything, what you have! A friend of mine complained during her visit to Spain, she got always disparaging looks from the older Spaniards in the subway. The reason was a too closecut mini skirt. Wearing a mini skirt is not a crime in itself, however, you will see a mini skirt at a Spanish very rarely.


Dressed a little chic, if you go out at night to eat. You are not thrown out of the restaurant, if you‘re not stylishly dressed, but possibly some views risk.


If you walk around with shorts in the city centre, you will immediately recognize youas a tourist. Best on the beach, wear shorts. A skirt or widecut pants are just as good at heat and also protect from the Sun.


Take time for your shopping spree, there are a variety of excellent shops in the city.The quality of the clothing, as already mentioned, is normally very good.


Carry no bag. I know they are very useful and are worn by tourists like. It is not a problem to take these bags for skillful Pilferer. If you need a bag, you should wear a small backpack like the Spaniards.


clothes not to wear in Barcelona if you want to blend in with the locals
So they identify you as a tourist! Classic examples of garments that should carry Sienicht, if you want to mingle with the locals.
Definitely not, wearing shorts, miniskirts, spaghetti straps or bikinis. Women dress more conservative in the city, while on the beach, seemingly opposite rules apply (benot shocked, if you see women of all ages topless and thong at the beach!). If you are provocative attract something, you will draw most likely unwanted attention. If one pays attention to you, ignore it the best. Eye contact could be misconstrued as asign of flirtation.


Typical summer clothing worn by locals
Choose clothing that is well matched. The Spanish dress well, fit the clothes and theappearance is probably sophisticated. In the winter, people see also all very chic with their jackets, boots and darker colors


Wear no bright and flashy clothes. You will notice that the Spaniards prefer darker,muted colours (E.g. Green, ochre yellow or red). The fashion changes but from timeto time and in clothing shops for young people are also brighter colors. Rememberwhat way you always may decide, that Spaniards appreciate it if the clothing is coordinated. Also don’t try to combine different styles!


And unpack your jeans. Jeans are worn throughout the year and are always up-to-date.


Don’t forget your shoes. The Spanish love shoes. A pair of shabby shoes can ruin your whole outfit.

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