How To Style Thin Hair

Saturday, January 28th 2017. | Hair Style

I constantly have clients complaining to me that their hair is too thin.  They wish there was a way to get thicker, volume filled hair more easily.  I tell them that there are two tricks.  The first is to get the right cut and the second is to style that cut each day.  If you want to give your clients cuts that make their hair look fuller, here are a few great ones to try.


This cute cut is great for those with fine hair looking for low maintenance.  If you haven’t seen a pixie cut before, look up a few pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis or Rihanna before you get started.  You will want to cut all of the hair on the sides of the head so that it is short and cropped.  Keep the hair on the top longer and cut some cute bangs.  There are a few different ways to cut the bangs and each will result in a different final look.  If you want the pixie cut to look carefree, cut straight bangs.  If the client would prefer more of a sophisticated look cut the bangs a little longer so that they are side sweeping.  To style simply add a little of your favorite hair serum to damp hair and mess it up a little.  Style the bangs as desired.

Stacked Bob

This cut easily builds volume using the stacked layers found at the back of the head.  To execute this cut, simply cut a bob and add some stacked layers into the back.  Bangs can also be used with this cut for additional volume.

Romantic Bob

This style is soft and delicate and takes its inspiration from the wavy styles of the 1920s.  Cut a long bob, shoulder length is usually a great place to start.  Form soft ways on the lower portion of the hair using either a curling iron or specialty products that help the hair to curl.  Finish the style with a headband or pretty colored ribbon.  I find that this cut is great for thin hair and round faces.  It can really add volume while still keeping the hair soft and playful.


This modern cut is a great way to add volume to any existing style.  A choppy cut isn’t a particular style at all.  It is actually a technique used to add a modern and funky look to any style.  Simply pull sections of hair from the head, hold them at a 45 degree angle and cut on the slant.  This easy technique will quickly add volume to a wide variety of styles for thin hair.

Deep Layered

This great style works well for clients with medium to long hair.  Cut a few short layers up near the crown to build volume in the hair.  Through the rest of the style you will use longer, deeper layers.  This style can be done straight or curly and is an excellent choice for a thin haired client with longer hair.  I think this style looks great with some thick, blunt bangs or longer sweeping bangs. Braiding hairstyles

Sleek Layered

This style works great on clients that have medium to thin hair.  Don’t use it on clients with really thin hair.  A sleek cut can work great, especially if you frame the face with some layers.  You also add more deep layers for an even more amplifying look.

Tell your clients with thin hair that daily styling and maintenance is very important.  I tell them to come every 6-8 weeks for a regular trim.  There are many great styles that you can use, but these are a few of my favorite styles for thin hair.

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