the style of the man from time to time

Tuesday, March 14th 2017. | Fashion
“Casual” makes reference to the locker room in a whole. Summer shorts, chinos in gabardine, jogging in flannel or low sneakers canvas: everything that comes out of a formal register is usually found its place under the casual label.


What defines this type of garment is so unrelated to its aesthetics, its manufacture,nor even its quality but almost exclusively to its destination, its use.


“Chic”, is a little harder to define. What is chic for some may not be for others, although its proximity to the notion of elegance, more consensual, makes it relatively objective.


Tuxedo fursac
It can hardly be more chic than a tuxedo. (Model Fursac)


If the suit tends to get everyone to agree, the notion of chic is subject to change based on trends and fashion, as we said above.


80s costume is certainly not the same cut as the 2010s, for example.


Versace 80s pub
End of the 1980s, this campaign declines a vision more wise of the Versaceaesthetic, showing good proportions of rigour at the time.


If we go a little further in this exploration of the chic, it was noted that rare coins through the ages as the invariable way. This is the case, for example, the Chanel jacketfor women.


For us, the tuxedo or full three-piece remain essential, although the bending and the padding follow fashions and evolve… I also think Polo, which cuts are changing very little unlike t-shirts and shirts, but that still retains a certain allure.1


Vintage Polo
The polo in the 1930s has not aged a bit


This small digression allows us to well to set the scene of casual chic style, and it is also interesting to share our visions on this type of subject. Feel free to respond in the comments!


But let’s go to the heart of the matter:¬†menjual sepatu converse we will see what is in essence the casual chicbefore seeing how to build from basic and somewhat stronger parts.


The easy style of choice?
Many benefits…
Hybrid by essence, the casual chic is not without assets:


It will be accepted and recognized in your entourage, even by novices. You have more chances to receive compliments from your mother-in-law while wearing a set blazer/jean in ninja techwear dressed in black (even by running the look in the best possible way).
It is a style that is very reassuring for beginners because there is little possibility of“negative bias”. So this is a good way to apprehend the garment without losing self-confidence,
Its very clear balance, both masculine and elegant and casual. So there is some flexibility: you can push the slider toward the elegant or casual, playing on the shoes, forexample,
That said, we can push the casual chic extremes also: formal white shirt, pants in Velvet corduroy casual size high and long coat. Note the use of moccasins, they are a good compromise between two casts of casual chic.


Because, the chic casual leaves a greater freedom of choice level shoes: sneakers, derby, desert boots, chelsea boots… There are many possibilities (to put a pair of derby in a streetwear style, it‘s going to be complicated).
inspirations casual chic man
Work out, photocall?


As a general rule, the basis of this current is the casual, that decorates one dressedparts. Conversely, that would be from a dress for him include informal, is more rarebecause away from the basic spirit. Even if it‘s not impossible!


look man seersucker pants
Blazer, denim shirt, pants in seersucker and moccasins: a constant balance swung between casual and chic rooms.


But beware the pitfalls of holding too bland!
Its simplicity can also cause disadvantages and error that I must address:


Already addressed, the most common error on BonneGueule: too bland outfit. A gray jacket, a white shirt, a pair of raw jeans and black shoes, it does not dream. It’s even rather austere. In this case, you should put the accessory (clutch, bracelet) and wear shoes a little more worked. In short, attention to conducting too serious, too clean!
Without the buttonhole, fancy socks and album, the look would be bland. (Credit: Menswear Wikia)


It’s a style so comfortable that we may never exceed the Basic. This isn’t a problem in itself, it’s just a shame to miss out on the incredible richness of the male garment,this part of the trip where we really start to have fun.

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