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How do I get the certification ISO 9001: 2008? Easy or hard? To obtain ISO 9001: 2008 was not easy knowing the key origin or how it works. ISO 9001: 2008 certification will be given to any company started to goods and services, be it a trade distributor, manufacturing, corporate services, modern retail, and other commercial activities.

Why is it so easy to obtain ISO 9001: 2008? Of course, there are several steps that must be done. Konsultan Iso Freelance, In general, before getting the certificate of ISO companies must follow several stages of work will be guided ISO consultant. ISO consultants have the task of how the client can get the ISO certification after going through the audit by the certification body.

At this time and apply essential that the ISO certification body does not perform and certify if the company is still not meet the conditions stipulated in the articles of the clauses of ISO. While the ISO certification body stand alone and independent so that there is no interference them into the system of corporate management.

Then who helps in the system of corporate management? That help is independent management consultant who acts as a consultant or director that the company’s management is documented.

Why ISO consultants contribute very much to the success of the ISO certification? Of course, with the consultant firm will be guided what will be and need to be prepared so that the company can obtain ISO certification.

Some of the steps taken by the consultant in implementing ISO management company will be trimmed to make together document the quality manual, from the vision and mission of the company, the services provided for the orientation of the ISO also to the customer, the organization structure, job description and job specification employees, SOPs documented and taken out of the business processes in the company, WI (work intruction), employee or KPI measurement, as well as other equipment. The consultant will help steer the client in order to document everything. Implement properly and in accordance with the standard made by the company.

Then the next step, the certification body to audit and examine whether the company is consistent in implementing the vision and mission. Practicing all documents in accordance with the provisions of clause ISO such as document control, the use of forms, doing all the activities in accordance with the standards applicable in the enterprise.

Once everything is appropriate then the certification body will give an indication of the graduation in the form of sertificat ISO 9001: 2008, ISO is very useful for companies, for the internal organization so that it becomes autopilot management. Therefore, it is good readers begin to study it in order to increase the company’s performance and got the higher consumer confidence.