Smartphone Fell Into The Water, What To Do DO NOT Do These Things!

Wednesday, February 8th 2017. | Software

Smartphone Fell Into The Water, What To Do DO NOT Do These Things!

First of all, if you find yourself faced with a smart phone fell into the water, do not miss a second of time pull it straight out. Over the time left in contact with a large amount of liquid and the higher is the possibility that it will be damaged in an irreparable and that no longer work. But just pulled off the smartphone fell into the water, if you do not know what to do, first of all, there are things that you absolutely must NOT do. The first iron rule is definitely not turn on the phone while it was already lit, do not touch any of the controls and not use it in any way. If you put it in the vicinity may be damaged even more its hardware components.

Do not press the keys and do not use the touchscreen display, and especially try not to move the device More and more it to move the water trapped under the scoccasi spread throughout the inside of the device, increasing even more the likelihood of causing damage. Then look absolutely shake the device trying to remove the water, because you will get exactly the opposite effect to propagate even in parts that had not been previously damaged. Do not do anything that comes to mind. Not disassembled because in addition to propagate to the water, if it was in warranty may make it no longer valid. Do not use a hair dryer to remove water directly, do not put on a radiator and do not put it into the oven at high temperatures, it would get only a worsening of the already grave situation of the device. And it is needless to say that it would be the same thing if you were using the blowing breath in, breath wasted (pardon the pun). We advise you to use only the recommended procedure that we are about to show you.

If you are lucky you might catch up on your smartphone finished in the water, whether it’s cheap smartphone, top of the range Chinese or smartphone, in a few days and get it back like new. Today we show you tips on how to do it, they can also apply on Economic tablets, MP3 players and technology to any other electronic device that ends up in the water.

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