Rental Multifunction Color The Top Technology

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Rental Multifunction Color The Top Technology

Come the new systems to make office life more smart: to everyone, thanks to the services of car color multifunction last generation, you’ll save money and time and increase their quality.

The world of technology is constantly changing and updating, we know, but there are areas where there is less talk but give great satisfaction in terms of innovation: thanks to international brands such as Konica Minolta, then, the new touch on also parallel areas such as the textile industry.

And ‘in fact these days the news about the birth of a center of textile innovation linked to the brand in Como, district principal for printing on fabric at European level, worth 5 million euro: a cutting-edge center where You can find the three most advanced systems available on the market worldwide (Nassenger sp-1, Nassenger Nassenger 10 and 8). Here there will be training, education and hands-on demonstrations for the many customers using these innovative printers for their business, but the goal is to become a center of reference at European level, which accommodate all who want to improve the printing process their skills and stay current on new means made available by technology.

“The value of a company like Konica Minolta is also seen by the commitment made in the training and attention to the future technology.” Explains Maurizio Persano, Owner of the Milan COPYGRAF, rental specialist multifunction printers to companies and businesses local. “If you invest in education can create a solid foundation on which to structure their future: Konica Minolta is certainly a positive example for our industry, we hope that other brands take example from this experience to create new ideas and similar projects . ”

In general, then, there are local businesses that offer rental services multifunction color of the main brand, available to many companies on the Italian territory who are looking for innovative solutions at affordable cost: the opportunity to rent printing systems, in fact, not only lightens the direct spending on the business, but also allows you to continually update the printers in the office without incurring the total cost associated with the purchase.

Yes, because the news and updates related to this industry are continuous: machines able to take over all the functions that are required in an office, ensuring maximum efficiency and quality, with a careful eye to the environment: this type of printers, in fact, allows to limit to a minimum the emission of CO2 compared with conventional toners, and thanks to the use of nano-thin polymers guarantee a higher yield, reducing the amount of product necessary for printing.

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