How to Overcome Some of The Rare Eyebrows

Thursday, September 28th 2017. | health

In addition to implementing natural remedies to enhance their growth, to disguise the sparse brows, it is easy for us to go to professionals who will really pollute

Hair removal eyebrows are governed by different modes of each era.

After generous eyebrows came a very good one, and in the last years they took a more natural yet manageable. However, there are women who suffer from poor eyebrows.

In this article we explain the curious facts about the rare eyebrows and we give some tips to stimulate their growth naturally.
Why are my eyebrows rarely populated?

In general, hair is defined by genetic problems.

Women with rare eyebrows tend to have fewer hairs on other body parts, while women who have more eyebrows should spend more time as well as waxing other areas.

We were never satisfied at all.

However, eyebrows are not just aesthetic problems, and we must remember if we suffer from lack of hair because it may be a symptom, especially if we start to lose it all of a sudden.

Symptoms of some abnormalities

Losing hair on one or both eyebrows may be related to skin problems, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases or any drug consumption that will affect hair follicles. Natural beauty. Losing the outer part of the eyebrow, for example, can be a symptom of hypothyroidism.

Considering these relationships can help us prevent important health problems and, in the process, improve the appearance of our eyebrows naturally and completely.
Drug castor oil

Once we take into account the rare browsed eyebrows with any disturbance, judging other possible symptoms, we can use a very effective ancient remedy to grow abundant hair with castor oil or castor oil.

Solid-textured vegetable oils that have been used for decades as laxatives have also recognized the properties to stimulate and strengthen hair growth, eyebrows, eyelashes and nails.
How do we apply them?

When we have obtained castor oil, which is sold in pharmacies, we will continue to apply this drug every night. We need an old eyelash mask applicator that we no longer use.

At night, before going to sleep, we will wipe and wash our face.
We will drag a clean eyelash mascara applicator in castor oil and eyelash comb from the inside out.
We will repeat 3 to 5 times and leave the product applied overnight.

In a week or two we will begin to notice tremendous changes, but we must be constant to get more eyebrows.

If we want, we can use hook oil also on lashes, to make it longer and thicker.
A good waxing

As eyebrows and grow, we should not underestimate the effects of professional hair removal that helps us hide parts with little hair and give them the appropriate shape according to our facial features.

Today they wear more natural eyebrows, not too thin or too thick, with the inside slightly thicker and natural, curved and thinner on the outside.

According to this trend, a good professional can help us give them beautiful and natural.
Comb and picture

Many women who have too many eyebrows are now forced to paint them. A few years ago it seemed a bit old-fashioned and exaggerated.

However, it has now become a mode to paint it silently and opaque to highlight the eyes and give different nuances to the look.

More and more eyebrow pencils are on sale, whose colors are a little brighter. We will paint it in hidden and hidden ways, also help us with a special comb for eyebrows.

If we do not have this pencil we can also use eyeliner, but it should always be the right color for the natural result.

Remember that it’s important to take into account the shape of face and eyes to highlight your features and hide the defects.

That’s why we recommend that you at least go to professionals for the first time giving you a personal trick that you can follow later.

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