In order that the style of clothes and shoes you look charming

Tuesday, March 14th 2017. | Fashion
Don’t you ever envy the sharp look of a colleague by saying that you wish you had the same? Have you wanted to at any given time a radical change?


Do you feel to no longer be in sync with your current style? We could easily extend the list of questions, but the most important is: how many of you have dared to takethe plunge and see change your style evolve?


Bienhabillee is a little virtual voice that makes you push yourself and to overcome the status quo. However we are aware that between wanting to and power there is away to go and we wanted to give you a helping hand by presenting the 4 steps to change the style. So are you ready to become a new version of yourself girls?


(1) the questioning


When undertaking a new thing to several questions in order to help us in our process. They may seem basic and yet we women, know perfectly ourselves to make us doubt but what the right questions?


Indeed, it is not uncommon to disperse and move away the subject main is therefore refocus things.


The right questions to ask:


The first thing: is that what I‘m looking for? Have a new style (it‘ll the answer was easy in this case).
The second thing: why I‘m looking for?
Why do I want to change my style, is to please my companion, is to have more credibility to the work, is – this for being in line with my age, or simply is – this for feel me better?
The third thing: How do I proceed in order to achieve this? This will happen in the form of shares and this is where you have to wear your uniform in RAID mode because we attack the more full-bodied phase.


Keeping it real


Whatever you do you have a goal and it must be feasible and achievable. If your goals are excessive you may discourage you. It is important that it be your goal and not the same as your best friend, sister… And especially you have a deadline to achieve it. Remind you of a famous method: SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, achievable, time), and hold you even for your personal projects.


Using our example you can tell you: I find me a new haircut for my face. For this I‘ll contact my area stylists Hairstylists and make an appointment before the end of themonth. It is specific, measurable, achievable, achievable and it is marked in time.


Discover Leon
Whatever you do you have a goal and it must be feasible and achievable. If your goals are excessive you may discourage you.
Do you know why resolutions fail? Most of the time they are excessive and especially they intervene during moments of relaxation where there tends to be more proneto change (end of the holiday, new year…) so disconnected.


The deal is so distorted because this state of mind is punctual. Remember that youdon’t have to wait for an event to take action and the objectives must be monitoredthroughout the year.

(2) the amendment of the shopping behaviour


You have usually don’t wear jeans, your favorite color in clothing is gray and your pair of shoes of reference is the ballerina. When the garment is worn or damaged spontaneously you will redirect you to the same parts. Big mistake!


If we don’t change, nothing changes…


Personal development is from the principle that if one wishes to change but continue to live the same life, there are chances to get it moving a muscle. And in terms of style is the same. Then I tell you not to move from simple to double but gradually to change your buying habits by turning to the clothes that you do not have the habit of buying.
How do I begin?


I‘ll answer the next thing: direct you to makes you want while respecting your body. You know, the famous clothes or shoes you like well in others but not on you. Before you declare that it won’t you, first try and you may be surprised. It takes practise and experiment in order to realize.

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