A Modern Apartment between White and Parquet

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A Modern Apartment between White and Parquet

Simplicity is the basis for the best results in all fields – at least in large lines. This apartment of 100 sqm is definitely proof white walls, parquet floors, essential lines, environments defined by a few strokes, only the indispensable elements. We can appreciate even better the quality of the spaces, because the photos show us un-decorated rooms except kitchen, so what emerges is the true identity of these interiors. The work is INSIDE UP, a team of architects.


Entering immediately captures the spirit of the project. Spaces are literally sculpted by light and it is not only natural to characterize the environment so strongly https://www.solasbars.com, even the artificial one is the result of careful planning to create this precise result, a game of contrasts, white on white.

The rooms

The rooms could not be simpler, but at the same time they are of great quality a beautifully colored honey-colored parquet, contrasts pleasantly with the white walls. Then there are details, such as the skirt that finishes the walls, and door moldings. Small touches that make a difference.

The kitchen – part 1

In the kitchen we find some color and contrast in addition. Meanwhile we see some beautiful tiles, typical of Portugal (the house is in Lisbon), which enliven and enrich the space. This masonry-floored pavement gives a decently vintage and romantic character to the kitchen.

The kitchen – part 2

With regard to furnishings, the choice has shifted to a rather modern style, characterized by clean lines, pure volumes, broken only in a few strokes – the handles in fact are minimized, for an effect of the utmost elegance. Very nice contrast with small square tiles in anthracite glass. The underfloor underneath the light and the wood of the worktop heat up the environment somewhat, otherwise based on cold tones.

The bathroom

The bathroom reinterprets the retro theme of the tiles, approaching the glass of shower, which seems to be almost dematerialized and the dark-colored wood of the washbasin cabinet. The latter element is very geometric and appears simply to be resting on the wooden shelf. The result is a fair balance between classic and modern, timeless elegance.

The living area overlooks this gorgeous terrace, where we see the white wood still dominating. Space is enriched by a small flowerbed, a touch of green on the white wall of the wall. The glazed wall allows a total fusion between the living room and the terrace, which becomes the natural extension of the living area.

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