The Mayors Ready To Tax Venice, Turin, Perugia, Foggia … Here Is The List

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The Mayors Ready To Tax Venice, Turin, Perugia, Foggia … Here Is The List

Federalism to the initial cost of about one billion Euros, an account that will be up to the citizens welded. Federalism to prop up the government and federalism to do as quickly as possible. This position, and in some way the political blackmail, with which the League maintained an iron grip Berlusconi enough to force him to do what he always feared the most, raise taxes. Yes, because federalism must go, and if it was originally to be reform that would provide the same services at no extra charge, in the best of hypotheses for reform that would guarantee even some more service with less taxes, thanks to the reduction of waste, now it turns out that federalism has costs, at least early, that citizens will have to pay.

These costs are called additional municipal income tax. Frozen since 2008 the Government, to please the public who ask how they’ll make ends their budgets, he is seriously considering unlock it. A form of not-so-elegant buck, basically the Government through the federal funding cuts to local authorities, and then to ensure that budgets are functioning, allowing such institutions to raise local taxes, without him, the Central Government , reduced its taxes. Result same services as before federalism with additional costs. For goodness sake, this is not to say that the long term federalism then do not bring a reduction in taxes as always support its supporters but it is a fact that today, federalism, translates to more taxes.

But, being federalism, it does not mean more taxes for all and in the same way, and here we return municipal income tax surtax. The municipalities, as we said, had seen frozen the ability to adjust this additional in 2008, will now be able to put back the hand, but with the rules. Even now not all the municipalities pay an equal additional, in Rome for example you pay 0.9%, national record made with a special law and not imitate other municipalities. Quiet, if you do not reside in the municipality of Rome you will pay in any case less. While in Milan the municipal surcharge is 0%. Already today it is thus a form of taxation patchy, but it is not based on a criterion of merit in the budgets, many of the municipalities that today are not picking up additional do not because when she was taken from them the ability to edit, they still had not had time to introduce it, were simply beaten on time.

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