How many GB of RAM Ideal Should Include A Desktop PC?

Thursday, March 16th 2017. | Software

The majority of minimum specifications of a game or software (editing video, for example) put the RAM in the number two position after the processor. In this guide, we will discuss two main aspects of the RAM that is closely linked to the ideal computer specifications: number and type of RAM.


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What is the size of the RAM Ideal?

Actual rules of thumb that I use for all computer systems to determine if RAM is instilled her own ideal is to return to the software requirements (game or software) that will be run by the computer itself.

Specifications latest games usually require a large RAM capacity

Try to check the website for each application, games and the OS you want to install and read the specification of minimum hardware requirements and recommendations. Usually you want is to have a RAM above the recommended requirements or the game software. The list below will provide an overview to you about how the system will run with various amounts of RAM memory:
Minimum: 4GB
Optimal: 8GB
Very Fluent Once: 12GB or more

Range of measurement used is based on the software or games that are currently most widely used by computer users. The best way is to re-examine the requirements of various major software will be installed on the computer system. Because this is not entirely accurate completely customize the software, OS or games of the user who is certainly one of the software sometimes require more RAM memory than other applications.

Note : If you intend to use more than 4GB of RAM on a computer with Windows OS, you must install the 64-bits so that RAM is no detectable all full and optimal performance, it was because the OS Windows 32-bit version only able to detect RAM up to 4GB. It also makes the reason why all of the computer’s built-up today using windows 64-bit os.

Is the RAM type Impact On Performance?

Type of RAM that we use certainly affect the overall system performance. DDR4 RAM type is already released to the market but while it provided just the type of DDR4 for workstation-class systems that require very high performance. Most socket motherboard is still loyal to DDR3. Check the type of memory are supported by your motherboard for socket RAM is not compatible with the type of RAM (for example mobo that uses slot DDR2 RAM, of course we could not use RAM type DDR3) and it is very important that you do it for the reason that if one day you have a plan to increase the capacity of RAM.

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In general, RAM is sorted based on the technology used, the clock speed (eg DDR3 1600MHz) and bandwithnya (PC3-12800). Below is a sequence of RAM based on the type and speed of the fastest to slowest:

DDR4 3200 MHz or PC4-25600
DDR4 2666 MHz or PC4-21300
DDR4 2133 MHz or PC4-17000
Or PC3-12800 DDR3 1600 MHz
Or PC3-10600 DDR3 1333 MHz / PC3-10666
DDR3 1066 MHz or PC3-8500
DDR3 800 MHz or PC3-6400

RAM speed above are relative and a theoretical bandwidth from the manufacturer which imparts a higher clock speed than between one another. Today generally a computer motherboard can use only one type of RAM memory only the DDR3 or DDR 4 only, unlike the old days sometimes I find a motherboard that can use two types of ram (but still we have to use one type of course, can not be filled all slots). Speed ​​RAM memory in the above sequence there is a standard speed and there is also that can only be achieved in conditions of the overclocked system.

Dual Channel and Triple Channel

One of the additional notes to the computer’s memory system is a dual-channel and triple-channel. Your desktop PC will get increased memory bandwidth when installed dual-channel (in pairs) or triple-channel. Currently the only computer on the market that supports triple-channel is a specialized processor to the motherboard socket type, 2011. In order to run dual / triple channel, Ram memory must be installed with the appropriate type of partner.

That is 8GB RAM will only run in dual-channel mode when installed on the mobo is a two 4GB of RAM type and speed that are identical or four identical 2GB of RAM. If you mix RAM, for example, paired with 2GB to 4GB of RAM, or 4GB of RAM with 4GB of RAM but a different speed, then the dual-channel mode will not function and memory bandwidth even make the computer becomes slow.

RAM Memory Upgrade

One other thing that might be a consideration you are, how much maximum memory capacity on your motherboard. Most moyherboard desktop pc tend to have four or six RAM slots with support for dual-channel mode. Motherboard with mini size generally you’ll only have two RAM slots. The number of RAM slots on your motherboard will be a key role on how you can upgrade your memory capacity in the future.


For example, when you buy a computer with 8GB RAM, if the motherboard has four RAM slots then you have a dream to upgrade the RAM in the future, it is better to use two modules of 4GB because no slots are available for upgrades without having to sell first RAM your old.

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