Making Anonymous Calls Anonymous Calls

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Making Anonymous Calls Anonymous Calls

Who wants to do only certain times anonymous calls is always forced to dial the # 31 #, otherwise it must always be to enable and disable the native option for the private number in this setting. This application for Windows Phone is the compromise that was missing, and it is very useful because it allows you to make anonymous calls a single time without having to type each time the combination. And in addition to type automatically combining the app also allows you to take the numbers from the address book without having to manually type as it was done by inserting normally # 31 #. Very intuitive interface and a significant user-friendliness.

To download Anonymous Calls must log on to the following link on the Windows Store and tap Download on the app. Once installed open it and you will appear in front of a window with a text bar and two buttons Use the text bar to manually write the phone number, or tap the icon to the left to open the address book and choose from there touching us the number above. Once entered or chosen the number, press the second icon on the right to call, and it will be done.

Making anonymous calls SpoofCard

This service works on any operating system, and allows not only to make anonymous calls, but to make it appear completely fictional numbers instead of simple words private number or unknown number, in order to clear any suspicion. It ‘also possible to change your voice call in and record phone calls.

The service is paid and you have to activate the credits to be able to make calls from official SpoofCard website by clicking Sign Up, choosing the payment option that suits you and entering the data to PayPal or credit card. What did you download the application SpoofCard from the Play Store or the Apple Store, start it, tap Account and enter the PIN that was provided by the registration on the site. Then fill in the Your Cellphone Number Bar your number preceded by +39 and SpoofCard Access Number menu selected Italy. Now go on Phone Call tab, enter the number of those who want to call in the Number you want to call and the number you want to appear in Caller ID number to display, preceded by +39, then tap Place Call and the call on partirĂ .Cliccando sheet music and then you will access the audio CD to the mask where you can enter all the tracks on your CD. Click Add, then click File

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