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Milk for a woman’s diet many of us encounter in a supermarket or a convenience store. But they are still much in doubt, as most assume when consuming milk will actually make the body getting fat. But wait, we will give you some product or brand low-fat milk for adults you can consume without fear of weight gain.

Yup, this article will discuss the list of low-fat milk you can consume while running a diet program. As we know that some brands of low-fat milk for adults both women and men can be consumed replacing other foods in the diet. We also provide a list of low-fat dairy prices of different brands that can benefit you all. Some low-fat milk is high in calcium to the diet helpful doubles, in addition to weight loss, the benefits of calcium is also good for bone health.

List Milk Low Fat Diet Adults and Their Prices

Not a few people who still hesitate to consume low fat milk when the diet program. They assume if milk can only fatten the body with fat content in it. But with a list of low-fat milk that we will give it, you now have no doubt to consume milk in order to replace other foods when the diet program.

List of Low-fat milk to the diet of adults and price

1. Anlene Gold


We often hear if Anlene brand milk is useful to increase bone density. Yet another benefit is Anlene Gold’s milk is lower in fat and calories so it is suitable for the diet of adults both men and women.

Anlene Gold is a low-fat dairy products that nourish calcium on the bone so that the bone density will be maintained. Low content of fat will keep you safe to consume without fear of weight gain.

In addition to having a low content of fat, Anlene Gold also contains other nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

Low-fat milk prices Anlene Gold 600 gr: Rp.75.000

2.    WRP On The Go

We often hear about how WRP diet. Well, the milk is indeed helpful in the diet program. WRP On The Go is a low-fat milk with a controlled calorie content so you do not have to be afraid to consume milk fat on this one.

Brand milk is also packed a practical one that is ready to drink in the morning.
The content of calcium in WRP On The Go is also useful to increase bone density, thus preventing bone loss and the risk of Osteoporosis.

Taking advantage WRP On The Go is our full longer so as to reduce the consumption of unhealthy snacks and is certainly very helpful to lose weight.

WRP Prices On The Go Chocolate tetrapack 24 X 200 ml: Rp.282.150

3.    Tropicana Slim Skim Milk Non Fat

One brand is better known as a low calorie sweetener product. However Tropicana Slim also issued a low-fat dairy products namely Tropicana Slim Non-Fat Skim Milk. As with other low fat dairy products, a product that is also rich in calcium and vitamin D. Tropicana Slim is also helpful in maintaining bone density and keep your weight when you diet.

Price Tropicana Slim Non-Fat Skim Milk: Rp.104.500

4.    Bear Brand White Tea

Brand low-fat milk for the next adult is Bear Brand White Tea. This product practical and ready for your daily consumption – a day. The content of fat and calories but rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, B vitamins, from B1, B2, B6 and B12 help meet the needs of essential nutrients for the body. Besides vitamin C, D and E are also good for the body’s nutritional needs. Bear Brand White Tea is a pure milk without preservatives and quality so that it remains safe to eat every day.

Low-fat milk prices Bear Brand White Tea: Rp.8.300 / bottle

5.    Marigold HL Low-Fat Milk

Marigold HL Low-Fat Milk is a brand of low-fat milk are good with calcium and protein in it. In addition to not make fat, dairy products this one will nourish your body with protein and calcium to strengthen bones.

Harga Marigold HL Low Fat Milk 200ml : RM (Ringgit Malaysia) 2.29

6. Cal Hi Indomilk UHT Low Fat

Indomilk brand is familiar or well-known products in the community. Indomilk Non-Fat is not just low fat milk for adults only, but families are also encouraged to consume milk this one. Indomilk Non-Fat is fat free milk but has essential nutrients such as dietary fiber which helps absorption kalisum oligofructose on bone as well as beneficial in lowering cholesterol in the body. Consuming Indomilk Non-Fat can also help and a healthy digestive system in the body.

Price low fat milk UHT Indomilk Hi Cal Low Fat: Rp.3.500 / bottle

7.    Ultra Milk Low Fat High Calcium

If you like to drink milk packaging and less attention to the content contained in it, then immediately switch to a type of low fat milk. One low-fat milk that is ready to be consumed is Ultra High Calcium Low Fat Milk. As the name suggests, this milk is milk that has a low content in fat but rich in calcium are beneficial for maintaining bone loss.

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Although consumed every day, do not be afraid of the weight will go up due to milk this one has a low fat content and can meet the needs kalisum in the body.

Price Ultra High Calcium Low Fat Milk: Rp.17.500

8.    WRP Active (Body Shape)


Besides WRP On The Go, there are more dairy products that are suitable for diet and weight loss that is WRP Active.
For those of you who seriously lose weight, you can consume milk WRP Active which is low fat dairy products, containing L-Carnitine which can accelerate fat burning in the body and turn in the form of energy. This is one of the best dairy products to your diet.
WRP has two variants namely Active Balanced Vanilla and also Energetic Chococino.

Price WRP Active Body Shape 210 gr: Rp.83.160

9.    WRP Nutritious Drink


Products WRP Nutritious Drink low-fat milk powder is that the diet can help you. Low fat content makes us do not have to worry when replacing meals with milk WRP’s current diet. Additionally, WRP Nutritious Drink also low in calories and contain protein and high calcium.

Excess WRP Nutritious Drink more is that it contains Omega-6 is very helpful in lowering cholesterol in the body. The product also provides a variety of flavors such as Coffee, Green Tea, Chocolate, Choco Cereal and Strawberry.

Price WRP Nutritious Drink = Rp.109.200

10.    Hilo Teen


We know that one brand of milk under the slogan “Grow the Move Up, Not a sideways”. But besides milk that is rich in calcium, Hilo Teen is also a good low-fat milk to diets.

With a low fat content, then consumers also need not fear when the stomach becomes bloated. Hilo Teen not only low-fat milk for adults only, those in the age of growth it is highly recommended to consume milk Hilo Teen. By consuming this milk future growth, the bone growth will be faster and perfect. Besides the content of vitamin B1 and B2 can provide more energy for activities.

  • Prices Hilo Teen Banana Yogurt 250 gr = Rp.34.000
  • Prices Hilo Teen Chocolate / Vanilla Caramel 750 gr = 94 600

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