The Kostum Badut Prince of Denmak

Wednesday, April 12th 2017. | Opera

“The Prince of Denmark” leaves from the fine scene of the gravediggers at Hamlet to cast a glance from the point of view of the court jester, just present in Shakespeare’s work, about a story of the prince of Denmark. This look interests us insofar as the fool is direct ascendant to the kostum badut, whose language and reasoning he uses in our spectacles. An allusion to the skull is due to the inculturation of Hamlet. Perhaps the only thing that even after death still fulfills one of its missions is to provoke a reflection.

– Prize of the Paulista Cooperative of Theater of Best work for the public Infanto-juvenil of 2011
– FEMSA’s 2011 Children’s Theater Best Adapted Text Award
– FEMSA 2011 Award Best Supporting Actor for David Taiyu.

It’s all there. The King was murdered. Ophelia goes mad and commits suicide, her father and brother are killed and Hamlet is able to take revenge on his uncle. But there is no reason for parents and caregivers to worry. The Merit of the Great The Prince of Denmark is nothing of Hamlet – written between 1599 and 1601 – and at the same time amuses the children. This is the third, and best, invested by the director and author Angelo Brandini. ”
Clara Nobre de Camargo (See SP, 2011), about the spectacle The Prince of Denmark.

“… the sharp cast, who still sings, plays instruments and dances on stage.” (See Magazine – Clara N. de Camargo for The Prince of Denmark)

“It’s a complete show for all ages, it’s a crime that you try to demarcate an age group for the public.” For young people, it’s a world of discoveries, without fear of taboo subjects (murders, suicides, violent revenge). , A dark freshness and a frenetic mood. And for adults … well, every adult needs for this brave set up for children, where everything happens inside graveyard and all the characters are “skeleton” or “The Prince of Denmark is undoubtedly One of the best shows that São Paulo has seen this year agonizing year 2011. “(Dib Carneiro Neto)


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