Know Your Monitor Tool Volcanos, seismometer & tiltmeter

Saturday, March 11th 2017. | Geografi

Kelud experienced eruption on  yesterday evening. What causes earthquakes bursts of hot lava and volcanic ash from Mount Kelud hurt many parties. But lucky, so far no direct casualties of the eruption of Mount Kelud.

Although there were two fatalities were caused by the poor condition of camps and 18 other people were reported still missing, but the number is expected to be greater if the system of monitoring and early warning of disasters do not go well.

The success of early warning systems and disaster monitoring could not be separated from the interference of technology. To monitor the activity of an active volcano mountain, there are two devices that are generally used, namely seismometer and tiltmeter. Here is a brief explanation of both.


seismometer is a tool to measure ground movement, including seismic waves generated by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and other sources.

Records of seismic waves allow seismologists to map the interior of the Earth, as well as locate and determine the size of earthquakes of different sources. The recordings of these tools is called seismogram.

In Awalanya this tool can only be used to determine the direction from which the earthquake occurs. With the development of emerging technology, the ability seismometer has also been improved, so that it can record vibrations in a fairly wide range of frequencies. Tools like this are called Broadband seismometer.


tiltmeter a mountain deformation measuring device used to detect pengembungan or deflation of the body of the mountain. Tiltmeter device itself consists of three main components, namely Plates tiltmeter, Portable tiltmeter, and readout unit.

The structure is considered necessary to take measurements with tiltmeter method is a structure that visually indicates the change in horizontal or vertical position in order to know the intensity of the movements.

For the case of a volcano, typically scientists will install tiltmeter at many points, ranging from the foothills to the plains highest estimated as lava flow path.

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