How to Increase Traffic Ranking Website or Blog

Friday, March 31st 2017. | Internet Business

Every owner of a blog or a website requires traffic course very well in the SERP, but how How to Increase Traffic Ranking Website or Blog is good and right, this is a very difficult problem, because the number of competitors who are much better than our website. but if it could be us to outperform our competitors? can of course, many factors must we know that search engines are monitored on a few things and some of the reasons that we can rise to the SERP no.1. Halaman 1 nothing is impossible living seo strategy we set what is good for our website.

Usually a good traffic are on page 1 in the order of 5 great. it is very difficult, but with the tips that I have to hope the worst position you will now be able to recover. once again I say we have to work harder for it. The following tips can you take to increase traffic to your blog or website:

How to Increase Traffic Ranking Website or Blog-open the info


Domain age or domains that have long would be a separate calculation for the search engine domain especially this age can already believed both quality and quantity, domain age where very nice ditraffic but for those of you who have recently domains do not be afraid of this. we remain optimistic view or analysis of how well the content is presented and how well seo domian applied in this age, it can affect your komentitor domain age, so it is not unusual if we could be better than our competitors. only with unique content and a good seo strategy, then we can compete and as a result they will fall by themselves.


Title Postings very influential because the title of the post is the key used for the competition. usually our competitors have understood really the key words he uses, for it before we want to break through into the SERP is good, we have to monitor always a good keyword, usually expert seo constantly monitor keyword or keywords to post nearly two days ever. This simply ensures that the keywords that you want to shoot whether to change or not by algorithms or even any other blog posts that go into the SERP with good and quality content. This research is very important. decided only two word keyword would you guess, but it is all just a long tail keyword only.


The structure of the data page or the other side section located on our website. data structure itself is seo optimization onpage highly recommended by the tracking system’s webmaster to be carried out by robots txt can index it properly. usually in the form of tags, category and breadcumb connecting from home> tag or category or label> post title . it is very important to increase traffic to your blog. so perbenahi first structure of your blog before the break through the first line in the SERP.


Keyword Density is the targeted keywords on a page that is relevant to our potingan. density keyword density is good is 3% to 5% is usually in the form of bold, underline or italic and anchor text or link anchor , we must understand well the keywords we guess and should be relevant to what we wrote in another post, but note also if the keyword density also has rules of use, so it’s best to use keyword density is really effective if we are not even considered spam by search engines.


Backlinks are the mainstay of experts developed seo blog. backlinks or backlinks can we be able to blog walking, link exchenge or more, but the bottom line is a good backlink is a backlink that natural or natural, we can usually of link building or other sort, the most important backlinks is not a way menyepam from website Additional or other blogs.


Permlink that will really make your post is perfect because in addition to the targeted keywords and keyword rich title that we monitor are not strong enough to play diserp therefore use the url permalink them perfect to associate keywords in the title and description. for this trick please read postings way onpage seo optimization we’ve postingkan yesterday.

From tips and tricks above, are we apply some existing blog we woke up and the result is very good, but clearly we have to make our website as well qualified, because websites with content is the key to us, even if our website has been optimized well and can be lined diserp but with a less good quality with easy position we would fall by another website, optimizing a website or blog as early as possible before playing rated one. That Ways to Increase Website or Blog Traffic Ranking us to compete in the SERP.

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