Importance of a Mascot on Company

Sunday, July 30th 2017. | Fashion

Before going any further, Garuda will explain a little bit first about what is Mascot? So, Mascot is a related image of the company, so usually Mascot is often used for customers or prospective customers we know the back of our company.

Of course, when creating a Mascot, must have a meaning and mascot is hard to know then our prospective customers will also be able to recognize back from the company, so when creating a mascot that is easy to recognize and unique (different from others to avoid misunderstandings).

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Importance of Company Mascot

Perhaps you’ve been walking around looking at the Ancol clowns or the Alfamart Clowns, each of them having different body types and unique ones. So, you immediately remember this wah huh both clown Ancol and clown Alfamart. The mascot is also useful when there are several events that are running in a city crowd, this is also called marketing because we carry a clothing that identifies a mascot that so our parents.

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