How to Save Tomato

Monday, April 10th 2017. | Tips

The tomato is a fruit vegetable that is often present in our everyday dish. The tomatoes can be processed into food and beverages. For the use of longer, tomatoes in stored in the refrigerator, but actually store tomatoes in the refrigerator will reduce its deliciousness.

tomatoTemperatures below 10C as the temperature in the refrigerator will interfere with the maturity of the tomatoes. Tomatoes will be red in the fridge but no longer contains a lot of water and the sweetness was reduced. Because it will be more tasty tomatoes when stored in normal air temperature in the kitchen.

Here are some tips on storing tomatoes:

Fresh Tomato store outside Refrigerator
If you have a place of storage of tomato temperatures between 12 C- 21 C, then the old tomatoes and red ahead can be stored in large quantities for 4-6 weeks. Tomatoes that have red can be issued gradually consumed.

Saving Tomato Canned
tomatoes in cans can be stored at room temperature dry place for 6 months for unopened cans. If the canned tomatoes open and not consumed, the rest of the tomatoes must be immediately transferred to a glass or plastic container that is clean and then put in the refrigerator. If not transferred will result smelling canned tomatoes. Canned tomatoes that have been opened they can be stored for 1 week.

Tomatoes freeze
To save a prolonged period, tomatoes can also be frozen. Freeze tomatoes in a state of complete round or it could be in a state already sliced. Store tomatoes in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer. When removed from the freezer tomatoes will be like porridge, but it was still nice to be cooked as a dish of soup or tomato sauce. For the purposes of other dishes, tomatoes that have been frozen can not replace fresh tomatoes.

Tomato Sauce and Tomato Puree
sauce homemade tomato can be frozen up to 2 months in a sealed container in the freezer. In addition to the sauce, tomato puree can also be made. How to make a boiled tomato moment to be easily peeled then blended smooth. This blender tomatoes cooked until the water is reduced. The end result of cooked tomatoes is called puree and can be directly used as food or frozen.

Dehydrate Tomatoes
Tomatoes can be preserved by drying it with sunlight. How dry the tomatoes:

  • tomatoes split into two parts, then dried on wire netting
  • sun-dried tomatoes while inverted to dry.
  • During the drying should be protected from the possibility of exposure to water
  • Dried tomato spread with olive oil tastes delicious and can be stored in the refrigerator for 6-9 months in a dry and sealed container

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