How To Lighten Your Hair

Saturday, January 28th 2017. | Hair Style

You can’t put Christmas lights up until after Thanksgiving, you should never wear white after Labor Day, and your hair should go dark in the winter and light in the summer. If you want your Christmas lights up in October, I’m not going to stop you- If you look good in white, where it all year round- And most people actually look better with their hair lighter in the winter.  So enough with these silly rules; Make up your own.

It seems to be the trend for women to color their hair dark in the winter. Take advantage of this time of year and let your beautifully light skin and pink cheeks stand out. Think about adding a few highlights to you look this season. It will make you look angelic for this perfect time of year.

If your budget is looking a little tight, then try adding a few highlights into your bangs. You can visit your nearest Sally’s Beauty Supply store and pick up some bleach and developer. If your hair is dark brown, pick up a 20 volume developer. If your hair is a lighter brown, than you can buy a10 volume developer. Grab some foil from your kitchen drawer and a foil comb (a rat-tail comb with a metal end on it). Section your hair by quarter inch sections. Weave out whatever size highlights you desire. You will then want to fold the foil over the end of the comb and tightly tuck the foil under the sections of hair that you previously weaved out; right next to the scalp. This is the point where you will want to apply your bleach to the hair on the foil. Apply it evenly with a color brush It is important not to apply the bleach all the way to the foils edge near the scalp. You will want to apply it within a ¼” of the edge of the foil. Bleach expands as it processes in the hair. You do not want it to expand over the edge of the foil and lighten sections of hair that you did not intend to lighten. Fold the foil up so that there is no bleach exposed and wait. There is no specific processing time with bleach. You will just want to keep a close eye on it make sure that it is not over-processing your hair. If your hair is over-processed to begin with, then I suggest you don’t do this at home. If your hair is in fair condition and you do want to try and lighten it at home, don’t leave the bleach on for man than 30 to 35 minutes. That is a tops time. You can leave the bleach on for as little as five minutes if it lifts to your desired level of lightness by that time.

This can be a really fun experiment. Just try a little at a time and try to get a hang of it. If you’re not confident in your abilities, then try one section that is hidden underneath a thick section of hair. That will give you the ability to practice without really apparent results. More Info :

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