How To Grow Roses Flower In The Garden

Saturday, February 11th 2017. | Gardening

Roses are plants strong and robust, capable of giving us wonderful and fragrant flowers in different periods of the year. There proponima a short guide to set the necessary work to ensure healthy plants and a beautiful fiornitura, you do own in autumn and winter periods.

Usually they are able to survive even at low temperatures without much maintenance, but with the right care and attention these plants tend to bulk up giving us a bloom even more generous.

At this relative ease of cultivation, offset by a certain vulnerability to attack by fungi and parasites that, unlike other plants, it is not revealed immediately with the classic ‘symptoms’. It will therefore be useful to act preventively and counter the threat of pests with appropriate treatments that a nursery expert will advise.

rose flower in the garden

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Beyond this, the care of the ‘queen of flowers’ for excellence is based on simple, basic rules that you should know to get good results.

1 – Whether you opt for growing on the ground or in pots, planting should be done during the rest of the plants (in October / November in cold climate areas, in January / February in those with mild climate). Again, try to buy the plants directly in the nursery, where you can get more tips on the varieties to be selected according to the climate zone in which you live.

2 – If you plant roses in the garden, remember that the soil should be well-trained and well in advance (4 parts of manure and 1 part peat). Vangarlo and fertilize in the spring if the planting is done in the fall is a great starting point. Remember that roses prefer fertile soils, calcareous and well drained. Usually roses like exposure to the sun for a few hours of the day, but this varies with the type of pink chosen.

3 – Before planting, the roots of the seedling must be freed with precision cuts the ends damaged during the period in which were packed. Do not proceed immediately to bury them, they will need to relax and breathe for a few hours, maybe immersed in a bucket of water or in mixtures rizogeni that encourage rooting. Immediately after the burial proceed to a depth of at least 3-5 cm to prevent frost; watered immediately.

4 – The watering must be abundant but be careful not to wet flowers and leaves because this would favor the onset of mold and mildew. In the summer watering should be done at night, in the spring in the morning. Every two years, moreover, it is appropriate to proceed with the riconcimazioni soil, preferably in the spring.

5 – Another aspect of fundamental importance in the care of roses is pruning, which serves to eliminate the seccume, contain the growth of the plant and adjust flowering. Usually you can proceed to the pruning when the plant is at rest (again, that is the argument of climate zones) with cuts to about 5-7 mm above the bud. Depending on the general state of the rose (height, strength, vigor) pruning will be shorter, and therefore more energetic and clear, for the plants weaker reducing them to 50-60 cm in height and leaving only a few gems. The result is a production of a few but sturdy stems. For plants stronger and more vigorous you can opt for a long pruning that maintains the size of the rose a little more than a meter. Flowering, in this case, will be plentiful but qualitatively mediocre. After pruning you should always spray the branches cut to promote healing of the ‘wound’.

6 – With regard to the collection of roses, remember that the best times to cut the flowers are between 15 and 17, when the plant is rich in sugars produced by photosynthesis. Avoid cutting the buds too small and remember to slightly acidify the water in which they will rest picked flowers to prolong their life. Tap water, limestone and rich in ions, is not exactly ideal for preserving the flowers, but if you do not have deionized or distilled water can simply boil.

To these basic rules, of course, you’ll have to add a good dose of love and dedication, you certainly pay for itself with beautiful blooms in multicolor of which you can make a gift to the people you care about most. Worth a try, right?

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