Frequent Bathing Cause Skin Disease Dog

Friday, March 31st 2017. | Tips

How often to bathe a dog and how to do it right is a question frequently asked by novice dog fan. Many thought if often bathed the dog will be protected from skin disease and odor. Apparently, after the dog’s body is bathed often even smell more quickly or be easy to smell, and skin diseases.

Oil On Skin

The dog’s skin secrete oils to keep skin elastic and keep the fur in order to make it strong and not easily broken or fall. Dog hair will feel greasy if he had not bathed. This oil will be lost when we gave her a bath using existing detergent ingredients in shampoos. Due to the nature withstand oil dirt then we should bathe regularly to leather and fur dogs we are not dirty . If we often bathe our dog so the skin and fur is then freed from oil skins and furs dog will become drier. Dry skin cause itching effect so that the dog will be more likely to scratch. Scratching will cause injury to invite the entry of bacteria or parasite that causes skin rash. Dogs suffering from skin disease will issue an unpleasant aroma.

Moreover, it turns out the oil produced by the skin of the dog is working to prevent the invasion of bacteria or parasites that dogs are not susceptible to skin disease. These oils also make the hair look shiny and thick.

Oil productivity is highly dependent on the food eaten by dogs. For tropical areas such as Indonesia are advised to add the vegetable oil in the diet.

Shampoo and conditioner formulated for dogs also contain synthetic or natural oils to replace oil lost temporarily when the dog is bathed. About Dog therefore, the selection of the correct shampoo and conditioner is an absolute done by the owner.

Fur After drying the bath

Many people use natural way to dry the dog’s fur after a bath, dried under the sun. For dogs that have little feather in / under coat or do not have at all like the Great Dane, Doberman, Miniature Pincher not really matter if it is dried in this manner. But dogs with fur inside / .under coat or fur is long and thick as the Golden Retriever, Shih Tzu, Poodle, American Cocker Spaniel and the other is drying by drying is not the right way. We could not have our dog drying in the sun all day as we were sunning pillow or mattress. Dogs may develop heat stroke if it is too long dried under the sun. Drying in the sun just drying feather the outside only. Perhaps, at first glance we feel all parts of the fur is dry but in fact it is not. Feather in that it does not dry will become damp and cause an unpleasant smell and make it easier for bacteria or parasites to breed that dog skin disease.

Drying the correct dog fur is using a specially designed blower for dogs. The form is nothing like a hair dryer that is used by us. What distinguishes only the power of the wind and the temperature only. Special blower for blowing the dog to work with water in the skin and fur so that the water falls onto the floor and not to vaporize it as a hair dryer . The way it works is similar to the hand dryer hair dryer . If we drain our dog by using a blow dryer then the dog will bark and fur â € œhangusâ € by the heat generated by the heating element contained in hair dryer that. Time used to dry as well so long as the pressure / airflow generated is very low in comparison with a special blower dogs.

Well, how if we do not have the blower is moreover quite expensive? , Many roads lead to Rome, so says the proverb. Dogs are discharged washed dried using rubber cloth (commonly called a chamois rag) is often used to dry the car. Lap rubber has a high absorption compared with ordinary towels so the faster the dog hair free of water. Once the dog is put in place by flowing wind or can use the fan but not exposed to sunlight. It would be better if the dog is put diruangan are air-conditioned and assisted with a fan to dry your dog. The drying process by means of a cold is more suitable for a dog for fur in / under coat does not become moist so it does not cause odor.

After the dog’s fur 100% dry, sprinkle baby powder or if there is a special powder for dogs that do not contain anti-lice formula. After sprinkled with powder, the dog hair combed or brushed so that the rest of the powder disappeared.

How Many Dogs bathed?

How often the dog is bathed depending on the type of fur and the dog’s environment. Short-haired dogs such as dachshunds (Tekel), Miniature Pincher, Boxer, Chihuahua smooth coat, and the like if kept outside the home / outdoor should be bathed once a month and if kept in house / indoor bathed once every three months. Well, what if the dog had the smell before the scheduled arrival bath? Bathe the dry method, use baby powder or talcum powder special dogs. If you can use a dry shampoo sold in pet stores. Sprinkle the powder across the surface of the skin after the dog’s fur combed or brushed so that the powder and dirt can be lifted. Make a dry bath periodically and regularly, for example once every three days so that the dog stays clean and fragrant.

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