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Sunday, July 30th 2017. | Travel

Monthly car rental is one of the services provided by the rental car. Usually, this monthly car rental package will be selected if you need a car in the long term. Rather than calculated on a daily basis, it is cheaper to pick up the package on a monthly basis.

But again it must be ensured that the needs of the Rental mobil Jakarta Murah are in a matter of time monthly. Because if not even going to harm consumers who have to pay a monthly car rental fee when in fact the car is only used a few days.

Consumer monthly car rental

As mentioned above, those who use monthly car rental services are those who need the car for long periods of time. Like a company that sends its employees to do business in other areas for a long time and requires a car as a transport. There are also consumers who are on vacation or take a month off to take a walk in an area and need a car to enjoy touring NYC.

Count time this month does not have to even 30 days, rent a car for 26 days, for example, also included in the monthly lease. But it can not be more than 30 days because could-could tenants will be subject to fines late return by car rental place. The advantage of renting a car on a monthly basis

Monthly car rental option can be an alternative if you want a profit like:

Save costs, because the monthly package is definitely cheaper than if the rent is calculated on a daily basis. If not for 30 days still remain cheaper monthly package than daily. But if the required lease time is a bit of a gig, it might be better to grab a weekly rental package
Practical, because although it requires a car for a long period of time but does not need to buy a new car. Especially if the need for this car because it is in other areas. Imagine if you have to buy a new car, in addition to draining the bag is also a bit troublesome to bring the new car home
Have a guarantee of care. Although consumers use for a long time but for the treatment is usually already provided by the car rental. So car care business is the responsibility of the car rental place. This is usually so that the spare parts or oil used is the standard of the rental car
Get a full service like a driver. Such a company that sends its employees to an area usually at the same time order a driver to take his employees during the duty, especially if the employee is foreign to the area. The driver will usually standby and go home every day at the agreed hour.
Other services are insurance for the car so tenants do not have to worry about going to cover additional costs if something happens to their Rental Mobil Jakarta Murah. This insurance becomes the right protection for cars in the rental place, especially if you open a monthly car rental service.

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