Facing tips Haze

Tuesday, May 16th 2017. | Tips

Haze due to forest fires or other fire very disturbing indeed our activities, the smoke is thick enough to make us cough and even breathlessness. Not only the respiratory organs, even may adversely affect the brain as well, if we already know the harmful effects of smog. Some things that can be done to deal with smog, as quoted from best earthquake kit below:

Facing tips Haze

1.Tanam plants around the house.

The best way to keep the brain from pollution is to remove pollutants from the air. The easiest way to do is to plant a tree or shrub in the home.

2. Choose the right time to exercise.

Exercise should be done when air pollution levels are not too high, in the morning, before a lot of operating a motor vehicle. Consider the quality of air in your environment before deciding to exercise in the open.

3.Kurangi intensity exercise in environments with high pollution levels.

If air pollution remains unavoidable, choose a sport with a lighter intensity during exercise in the open, like preferring to walk rather than run.

4.Hindari exercise in the main streets with high vehicle density (loss).

Minimize exposure to the brain against harmful pollutants in the air in the manner mentioned above is a step that can be done to prevent brain damage caused by air pollution. Protect your brain from now.

5. Use a mask

you may not feel any symptoms at this time, a mild cough, and shortness of breath are perceived effect is directly due to the smoke pollution. But there are still many new effects will arise in the future as Obstrukf Chronic Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and even cancer. Similarly, regarding Facing tips Haze , hopefully this post can be useful for you all.

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