Enteritis, How To Avoid Ruin Our Holidays Abroad

Tuesday, February 14th 2017. | health

Enteritis, How To Avoid Ruin Our Holidays Abroad

The holidays have arrived but some kinks could mark this period much anticipated holidays abroad, in fact, could be ruined enteritis, malaise caused by weather changes and different eating habits. Let’s see how to recognize and how to cure enteritis.

After a long, cold winter of work, finally get the long-awaited vacation and a nice trip abroad. Each country has its own climate and its typical foods, in addition to hygiene regulations that may differ from those known and practiced at home, so it is not unlikely to run into some illness which, although not serious, are likely to ruin our holiday http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new. It is advisable, before leaving, check what are the medical precautions to be taken and prepare a small emergency kit with medicines that could return useful. The digestive system is the first to be affected by the changes in schedules and eating habits, especially if feeling normally other nuisances; the stomach and intestines, therefore, must be reserved for special care to avoid contracting viruses and bacteria that lead to diseases such as enteritis let’s see what it is and how to cure it.
Enteritis symptoms, causes by

Enteritis What is it

Enteritis is a gastric disorder that affects the upper part of the intestine. This disorder is very common and usually is not tied to the most important factors. When to catch fire is also the colon is called entero-colitis.

Enteritis what are the symptoms

The enteritis symptoms are

abdominal swelling
He retched
sore abdomen

In severe and rare cases also appear bleeding, fever (when the infectious nature), dehydration, malnutrition and malabsorption.

Enteritis what are the causes

In our intestines live a very sensitive system that can be affected by the change of habits, and even abroad not splurge immediately on plates that are normally not consumed, but try to add methodically these exotic recipes in your menu. In general enteritis causes are

consumption of particular foods and irritant to the stomach (spicy, for example)
drink iced drinks
specific infectious agents present in foods (in the case of food poisoning)
abrupt changes of temperature (avoid the air conditioning to a minimum when it is very hot outside)

Enteritis how to cure it

If enteritis has no fever, severe vomiting and pain, there is no need for a proper medical care; just eat light food, better if slightly firm and lightly seasoned and drink a lot to reintroduce lost fluids. In the acute phase of the disease it is therefore good to consume

water and tea
fruit smoothies and centrifuged
low-fat meat
boiled potatoes

In the case of enteritis, the lemon is an ally naturally disinfects the intestine and gives flavor both water and tea. The medicinal costipativi (that is, those which block the diarrhea) are counterproductive, unless it is not the doctor to recommend them; diarrhea, in fact, is the weapon that the body is using to excrete toxic substances. If, instead, enteritis also presents fever, vomiting and severe pain and is of bacterial origin, by prescription (and without taking personal initiatives deleterious!) Can follow antibiotic treatment for a few days, combined with the previously described diet.

Enteritis is particularly dangerous for children because it is very debilitating. The first symptoms, seek advice from a doctor and let your child drink plenty of water.

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