Did You See? Palmeiras Launches Pig As New Jual Kostum Maskot And Presents Gobatto

Saturday, March 18th 2017. | Sport

Before the victory against Internacional in Allianz Park, Palmeiras launched its second mascot on Sunday. In addition to the traditional Periquito, the club will take to the grass from now on the Pig, who was baptized Gobatto. The action marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the animal as the official mascot of the team.

The pig was named Gobatto in honor of João Roberto Gobbato, marketing manager of Palmeiras in 1983, who was the first leader to suggest the adoption of the animal as a mascot. The idea was rejected in the first moment by the board but gained support next to the organized twisters.

Today, the animal appears in the reformed Allianz Park as an airship, which raises flight on the lawn during the break. An Inflatable Pig is also usually placed in the mouths of the changing rooms.


In 1983, on the initiative of Gobbato, the idea of ​​assuming the pejorative nickname (“pig”) and turning it into a jual kostum maskot of the club appeared for the first time. Some older top-haters immediately rejected the proposal, but it gained strength among the organized crowd like the Green Man and the TUP.

The initiative of the leader was maturing until October 29, 1986, when, in Pacaembu, “Give him Pig” was heard for the first time in the stands and led the team Alvi Verde to win the classic against Santos by 1 to 0 With Mirandinha goal.

In the next game, in front of São Paulo, in Morumbi, the new mascot was integrated once and for all. Fans took a live pig to the lawn, paraded on the field with fantasies and flags of the new xodó and, this time unanimously, exalted the pig in the stands.

Already signed by the fans, it was time for the pig also to gain space in the sports press. In November 1986, the magazine Placar stamped on its cover a historical photo of the midfielder Jorginho Putinatti, one of the symbols of Palmeiras in the 80’s, carrying a small pig in his lap. In the opportunity, the edition of the magazine gained great repercussion and was marked like one of the main chapters of the history Palestrina.

Why Did The Palm Tree Demore To Accept The Pig?

The acceptance of the animal by the Verdão crowd – as quoted in 1986 – took almost two decades, since the nickname was used by rivals as cursing the Palmeiras. In 1968, Palmeiras was against the substitution of two players in the list of registered members of Corinthians for the contest of the Paulista Championship that year. The episode made part of the press call the Palestrinian leaders of “pigs,” a nickname that was also used against fascists at the time of World War II.

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