Dental Cysts How To Recognize It, How To Treat It Better

Friday, February 3rd 2017. | health

Dental Cysts How To Recognize It, How To Treat It Better

Ever heard of dental cysts? This disease of the oral cavity must necessarily be treated by an experienced professional, but what is it how to recognize and how to cure it? An insidious disease, which affects very often in a silent and asymptomatic until it reaches a considerable size accompanied by severe toothache.
Dental cysts: what it is

There are 3 different types of cysts – dental radicular cysts, follicular cysts and cysts paradentarie, different based on the location of the inflammation. In general it is provided with a cavity epithelium within which there is a serous fluid, gaseous or mucous.

Often confused with the granuloma, they may be a common complication of pulp necrosis, the result of major trauma, pulpits or deep caries.
Causes and symptoms of dental cysts

Together with abscesses are very common complications of inflammatory processes involving the dental pulp, but these are certainly not the only cause of their training; It is added, in fact:

Devitalization incomplete
Tooth extraction wrong
Impacted teeth

Often asymptomatic, the dental cysts is not uncommon to be discovered through a routine radiological control if left untreated increases in size, causing the classic toothache and, in severe cases, bloating, bad breath, tooth mobility and swelling of the affected area .
Treatment and care possible

The first tip is definitely to rely on a specialist center can provide dental care required to effectively address the problem: usually proceed with a differential diagnosis to rule out similar diseases or, at worst, tumor formation. It continues with a biopsy, a test which provides the histological control of a part of tissue taken from the affected area, and a panoramic radiography specification (called OPG).

If you are already in a situation inflammatory important, because of toothache, it means that the cyst Dental reached a considerable extension, and therefore requires surgery or a localized drainage of the infected fluid.

The dental cysts is therefore a very serious condition that must be treated and eradicated through the intervention of a qualified professional who will solve totally and without further complications with diagnosis and targeted interventions.

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