Daijobu, Mother! Cosplayer Character Gives Faces In Globo Novel

Tuesday, April 11th 2017. | Fashion

Globo had already announced a cosplayer character in his new novel, the Force of Will, and in the most recent episode, the boy finally appeared dressed as Goku and arguing with his mother, who does not understand the hobby.

In the short dialogue, the mother is worried about her son’s studies, which would be dedicating time to anime events while he should do his homework not to fail once again in school. The boy answers only “Daijobu, mother” (something like “no problem, mother”), to the fury of the woman who does not understand the language used.

Later, the boy’s uncle appears in the house and is more sympathetic to the hobby, even trying to explain that “Cosplay, Heleninha! The whole world just talks about it! ”

“The Force of Querer” is the new novel of the 21h of the Globe that premieres this next Monday (3 of April). The new attraction of the channel will have the script written by Gloria Perez and characters that are not often portrayed in traditional media, such as an MMA fighter, a transsexual and a young otaku!

That’s right: the actor Drico Alves will give life to Yuri, son of the character & nbsp; Heleninha (lived by the actress & nbsp; Totia Meirelles). The boy will bring aspects of the art of cosplay in his daily costumes, always inspired by characters from anime, manga, and comics.

In addition, the plot involving Yuri and his family – who still brings the actor João Camargo as the father Junqueira – will also bring the conflict of abusive use of electronic devices, since Yuri initially will only communicate with the parents via mobile message.

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