Could Earthquake Predicted?

Wednesday, April 19th 2017. | Geografi

In the last month the people of Aceh were struck by two earthquakes with a magnitude of events over two quake 7. Genesis are based on plate collision zone of the Eurasian continent and the oceanic plate Indoaustralia. The earthquake that occurred on Sunday, May 9, 2010 with a magnitude of 7.2 that the depth of the source of about 30 km relatively shallow earthquakes (shallow earthquake) that according BMKG a potential tsunami. Each occurrence of the earthquake must give rise to panic and even casualties, material losses and psychological effects on victims.

The question is whether earthquakes can be predicted? So that people can make preparations in advance if you know when earthquakes will occur, and where the exact location and how much strength the shock generated. Earthquake kit earthquake scientifically explained as sudden movement of the earth’s crust section or layer of the upper mantle. The sudden movement could be interpreted as a way of relaxation Earth toward its normal state after experiencing a boost, shear, or friction between the plates.

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During this relaxation process of energy will be distributed in the form of waves that propagate into a number of parts and is perceived as an earthquake. Genesis shaking the earth as a result of the meeting of these plates has occurred since the earth was formed. To understand these events the scientists developed a seismological study, which is one branch of the geophysical studies. The phenomenon of earthquakes, in this case due to the earthquake of tectonic activity is a natural occurrence due to the movement of the layers of the Earth’s crust that are not fused. That became our question is why the layers of the Earth’s crust is moving, the simple reason of this question is because the layer is seeking balance as well as the water that flows seeking lower position.

Then the next question why there are layers of the Earth’s crust that are not fused, this occurs because of the enormous pressure from the bowels of the earth resulting from thermal energy in the core layer of the earth, resulting in the earth’s crust cracked, as well as the breakdown of eggshell chicken when boiled. The distribution of earthquakes in Indonesia (source USGS).

The map created using Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) Furthermore, the thought ours was where the relationship between the movement of the layers of the Earth’s crust to the occurrence of earthquakes. This is something interesting, so experts earth science is continuing to discuss about this relationship of course, with each viewpoint.

Most among experts that try to conclude that the earthquake occurred due to the encouragement of the earth’s crust opposite each other so that makes it collide and rub against each other. The movement of the earth lapisankulit related denganpergerakan earth plates that constantly occur due to global tectonic styles, so that the source of the earthquake is happening on a plane instead of a point. Event of an earthquake is not a simple process, because the tectonic quake occurred at a depth of 10 km and even up to 100 km below the earth’s surface.

Of course, to observe must use the help tools and technologies in order to determine the conditions that exist in the bowels of the earth. One is teknologiseismic tomography can observe the bowels of the earth as well as a gynecologist check fetal development in the womb of a mother. There’s also a GPS (Global Positioning System) with high accuracy which can observe the patterns and mechanisms of movement of tectonic plates, subduction of the surface due to the influence and activity of active faults.

However, the above-mentioned new technologies can only predict earthquakes in a long time scale that is 10 or 50 years and which areas are potential occurrence of earthquakes. But for the accuracy of the estimated time of seismic events in the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until now could not be done, and also the location of an earthquake can not be predicted accurately. So far, human-controlled earth science merely record the good time of the earthquake, the scene, great strength and intensity.

Until now there has been no earthquake prediction methods and techniques appropriate and scientifically tested. Granted this is not an easy task, of several scientific journals that discuss the occurrence of earthquakes have not concluded exactly when and where the next earthquake will occur. But most experts seismicity continued to conduct research to reveal the secret behind the occurrence of earthquakes. So the author tries to conclude that the occurrence of earthquakes is a dynamic process that is still very complicated world and will continue to be studied.

But we must be sure that it is extremely easy for Allah the One who was master of the universe. For it to be important for the people of Aceh to be ready saiga in the face of the danger of earthquakes as Aceh is at a location that is prone gempabumi.Terakhir, the author cites the word Allah in the Qur’an sura Al-Mu’minun paragraph 84, which means roughly “Say , whose earth, and all that is therein, if you know? “we must make sure that all of it is already definitely belongs to Allah and He wills on everything that exists on earth, we humans can only try and pray as evidence our weakness as creatures.

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