Cool Here, Tribes Have Traditional House of Nias Earthquake Resistant

Sunday, April 23rd 2017. | Home Design

Do not underestimate the knowledge of traditional indigenous tribes in Indonesia. For example Nias ethnic group, they have a traditional home Omo Hada who turns designed to withstand an earthquake. Let’s go there and see her home.

“Nias was unique, for example, is Omo Hada, houses that are earthquake resistant,” says the founder of the Nias Heritage Museum, Johannes Hammerle told me some time ago in the Spanish Kaliki, Jl Yos Sudarso, Gunungsitoli. Earthquake kit

That night, Johannes indeed talked about the different cultures and customs of Nias. The German man was already memorized everything about Nias. Not surprisingly, it’s been 30 years he lived there.

“Its uniqueness is the pillars of his house irregular direction. There are upwards, downwards, sideways. That’s what makes the resistance of the earthquake,” he said.

Initially, I just thought that if Omo Hada just like houses stage alone. However, it was more than that when I visited the village in the district of Gunungsitoli West Tumori next day.

The distance is about 45 minutes by car from the center of Nias Gunungsitoli. Correct what is arguably Jogannes, pillar shape is irregular but more resembles the letter ‘X’. One more thing, it turns out poles has great size!

Dominated by wood building materials. The size of it is quite spacious, there are more than a living room and one bedroom. Then there was a big hole in the roof that can be opened and closed, so that sunlight can enter.

If you notice, there are no windows, only a trellis made of wood just as the air vents. Investigate a investigate, it also proves that the people of Nias are open. Therefore, other people can see events in the house.

One more thing so unique Omo Hada is a building not built using nails, just a peg. Even so, the house remains strong and certainly withstand earthquakes.

Almost all the houses in the village Tumori still a traditional house Omo Hada. A traveler who comes here can be viewed and photographed from up close. In addition to the village, traditional house Omo Hada can also be seen in the village Bawomataulo in parts of South Nias.

Investigate a investigate, custom homes ranging Omo Hada hard to find in Nias. Only in the two villages that you can still see the traditional house pristine.

Omo Hada became an evidence, that this archipelago was awarded various cultures. Can be referred to as a noble cultural heritage, which must be maintained and not be forgotten!

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