Choosing Materials Timber frame house

Friday, April 7th 2017. | Tips

Choosing Materials Wood frame house not an easy case or easy, it is my own experience. It has become the nature of every human being that something you want to have is the best product available. It will always confront us in all matters concerning the “option” for example, is just a matter Choosing Materials Wood Frame House.

Once we have the design of a dream home is to prepare the next step of building materials and one of them is the frame. The material for the frame of a house now it varies not only using only wood but is made of aluminum metal. In this discussion I will focus on how to Choose Material Wood Frame Home only.


Jual kayu dolken –┬áBefore Choosing Materials Wood Frame House, we should know in advance the frames we make, among other things:

  • Door sills kind are distinguished in terms of its size, there is the main entrance or the living room, bedroom door, bathroom door and the garage door matched to the design of existing homes.
  • Window sills, distinguished in terms of its size, namely, the living room window, bedroom window, kitchen window.
  • Fentilasi frame, usually for the living room, the same bedroom, bathroom and kitchen just being different.
  • Stuffing sills covers, doors and shutters.

If we have an unlimited budget funds to build a house, then the affair Choose Material Wood Frame Home is not a big deal, but for me personally with mediocre funds about Choosing Materials Wood Frame Houses shall have the right solution. References from friends who build a house first with a budget that has been provided, he spent approximately 17 million rupiah to buy a full frame with high quality wood.

I have a different way to matter Choosing Materials Wood Frame House, is to buy and use the natural resources that I have to question the frame of the house. The first step I did was look for information about what is the best wood then the most durable and the latter of which is easy to work with. Because these components has been a requirement to produce the best frames. Once we get the kind of wood that we deem appropriate then the second step is to look for a carpenter to do it.

The information I can about how Prefer Wooden Frame Houses good material instead of the size of the high cost of wood, but there are other factors in terms of the durability of wood is by way of natural preservation process. My kampong has become a tradition if it will preserve the wood that is by immersing the material into the mud sills with a minimum period of 2 years. Can we imagine the time during the only two options will be destroyed or decayed wood or under conditions remain even stronger.

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