Cheap Holidays, 10 Tips For Traveling Almost Free

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Cheap Holidays, 10 Tips For Traveling Almost Free

If your goal for the summer are low cost holidays, here are 10 tips to travel almost free couchsurfing from the exchange of apartments, here’s how not to give up the holiday but on the contrary, make a creative, constructive and very social.

It is not just because money is tight, but also made for this, that the holidays are becoming a luxury item, and there are those who really thinks all to make them more and more low cost. Let’s see how, with 10 tips for traveling almost free.

First of all, to go in this direction we must go in order to make sharing and collaboration holidays. An example Couchsurfing, or the hospitality exchange The project was created in 2003 by American Casey Fenton from the programmer with the purpose of to connect people willing to share hospitality and today is a deal that involves the whole world. Just subscribe to the hospitality exchange sites, and you can travel anywhere within the budget that you have available.
If you like rural getaway, WWOFF (WWOFF World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is what you need. You can plant cultivate and revive a piece of the planet, living in incredible latitudes. The project, in fact, always looking for operators who, in return for room and board, want to engage in farming activities and the creation of the world’s organic farms.
Now are decades that au pairs are experiences of laborĀ  housing exchange to afford to take a holiday abroad cleaning, baby-sitting and chores in the house in exchange for room and board in many places in Europe and the world. Au Pair course!
Exchange houses called house swapping and allows enrolling on the site of exchanges of houses, ceded another home for a year shared in various places of the world.
you do not have a house to share, however, you like the idea Then you can try the house-sitting that, in exchange for free accommodation, requires you to take care to a house where you have to water the plants, feed the pets, etc. ..
For those who want to be part of a network of exchange and even greater opportunities, there is nightswapping that creates a circuit of swingers travel therefore, I give the house to you that you give to another network, etc. . The direct and indirect contacts that we create with our activities make us earn points which create bonuses and perks, like a game show.
You can start in the exotic places for volunteering. And ‘the case of some systems that, in exchange for room and board in Italy and Europe and places in the world, call for hours of social work. There may happen for example, to redevelop a place confiscated from the mafia or clean up the beaches etc. etc.
Then there is also the possibility of finding a pass to reach a place as is the case, for example, with bla car. It is not free, but at least it will save on transport costs because the more you drive, the less you coast the journey.

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