The cause of earthquakes in general

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017. | Geografi

The earthquake was a natural disaster that is unusual because it is very common and also very feared. In human history has often happened that very large earthquakes and natural disasters do not become forgotten because of loss of life and damage caused is enormous,

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The cause of earthquakes

Most earthquakes resulting from the release of energy generated by the pressure exerted by the plates move. The longer the pressure that the growing and eventually reach a situation where the pressure can not be detained again by a slab periphery. That’s when an earthquake will occur.

Earthquakes typically occur at plate boundaries of the plates. The most severe earthquakes typically occur at plate boundaries compressional and translational. Earthquakes focus on likely occurred because the material layers are sandwiched into the lithosphere undergoes a phase transition at a depth of more than 600 km.

Some other earthquakes can also occur due to movement of magma inside the volcano. Earthquakes like it could be a symptom of impending volcanic eruption. Several earthquakes (rare but) also occur due to accumulated a huge mass of water behind the dam, such as the Caribbean Dam in Zambia, Africa.

Some (infrequently) can also occur due to injection or akstraksi fluid from / into the earth (eg. At some thermal power plants of the earth and in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Recently, earthquakes can also occur from blasting explosives. It can make scientists monitoring the secret tests of nuclear weapons by the government. Earthquakes are caused by humans as it is also called induced seismicity.

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