The Best Online Tires For Best Selling Cars

Monday, February 6th 2017. | Cars

The Best Online Tires For Best Selling Cars

The best online tires are mounted on the best machines and the best-selling. If the car industry has turned a 2015 positive (+ 15.7% in sales and more than 100 thousand registrations), 2016 promises to be a very promising year. According to numbers provided by ANFIA and UNRAE, the cars bought in the past year, 31.6% was on gasoline, 56.5% had diesel engines and 6.2% LPG. Among the ten most popular cars stands the new Fiat Panda, followed in second place by the Fiat Punto and then in third place by the Lancia Y. The fourth and the fifth step of the podium were ranked the Fiat 500 L and the Volkswagen Golf. Afterwards, Fiat 500 in sixth position, Renault Clio in place number seven and Ford Fiesta in eighth place. Rounding out the rankings, there were the Volkswagen Polo and Fiat 500X.

For these ten cars the experts, the new online portal for tires, have drawn up a list with the tires perfect for each model.
Online tire for each type of car

Fiat Panda can mount tires of size 17565, beam 14. The most recommended are the Hankook Optimo K425 Kinergy Eco summer type.
Fiat Punto fits well with the tires Goodyear Vector January 18565 radius 15.
Lancia Y has tires of 19550 size and radius 15. recommends Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110
for the Fiat 500L is shown the model Firestone Firehawk TZ300a, measuring 20555 and radius 16
for the Volkswagen Golf can fit the tires of size 20555 with a radius of 16 model Bridgestone Turanza T001 summer
for the Fiat 500 by 18555 size and radius 15, the recommended model is the Hankook Kinergy 4S H740 four season
in the case of Renault Clio ideal is the Michelin Energy Saver Green X Plus summer, measuring 19555 and radius 16
the Ford Fiesta can be a good choice the Dunlop Sport BluResponse of a size of 19550 and radius 15
Volkswagen Polo traveling in peak condition with 4 seasons Nexen N Priz, measuring 18560 and radius 15
Fiat 500X is recommended for the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue summer 21555 specifications and radius 17

Hankook once again it seems the most widespread company that offers a wide range of tire models ideal for most cars. For each model its tire, and online portals you can really give a hand to also save on the best models. With the Four Seasons models then we can really also save in the long run and have a model that can safely put our cars on roads of all kinds.

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