Benefits of Moringa leaves for Healthy Body

Tuesday, May 16th 2017. | health

Moringa leaves have so many benefits because of the content that matters. What are the benefits of Moringa leaves? This article will discuss what are the benefits. Did you know that Moringa leaves can also make tea?

Tea is derived from the leaves of this has a very high content of polyphenols. Functions the same as tea in general, the body mendetok in persons. In addition there are other benefits of Moringa leaves. This will be discussed under any benefits.

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Efficacy of Moringa leaves for health

Because of the many benefits that are owned, scientists call it a miracle plant or “The Mircale Tree”. Here is a list of benefits of Moringa leaves you need to know.

  • Prevent cancer

This disease is among the most common in humans. To prevent and reduce the spread of cancer cells, either by using a smaller place. The main benefit is a deadly cancer cells early so that growth and reproduction does not occur. Even if you do not have this disease also can not hurt to consume Moringa leaf extract.

  • Treat heart disease

If for cancer, the benefits of this leaves only to prevent it for heart disease, the benefits for a treat. Moringa leaves can significantly improve heart health.

  • Overcoming allergies

To get the benefits of Moringa leaves to cope with allergies, use the handle of Moringa leaves and then boiled. Add shallots, pulasari, also water. Boil until boiling then left less. Strain the water and then the routine was to drink it every day. Slowly but surely, diidap allergy will be cured.


  • Coping with diabetes

Diabetes including a scary disease because it can be fatal sufferers. It could even be passed down to children and grandchildren. In the discussion of a book, using Moringa leaf extract 150 mg alone is able to make the diabetes is resolved.

  • Treat sore eyes

Do not be too frequent use of eye drops to treat this disease, use a natural way with Moringa leaves. How to use it is to use the three handle of Moringa leaves and blander or mashed, added with 100 ml of water. Squeeze the juice so that you can get. Use it in a way shed pollen or eye wash.

  • Overcoming stiff, arthritic, also pain

How to use Moringa leaves to treat the three diseases are mashing two handles. Then added with whiting as much as half a spoon. Use the potion to param (rub on the skin).

  • Heal eye irritation as well xeropthalmia

How to get the benefits of this leaf is smooth the three handles Moringa leaves and brewed using a glass of boiling water. Stir and set aside some time, strain when it is finished. Do not immediately use, wait until the tepid or cool and then add a few spoons of pure honey. If you want to sleep you can add pure honey.

That he is what are the benefits of Moringa leaves. A lot is not it?

Content of Moringa Leaves

Is the content contained in Moringa leaves so a lot of benefits? The answer is a lot, some of them are.

  • Potassium outnumbered threefold compared to bananas.
  • Calcium is outnumbered four-fold compared with the milk.
  • Vitamin C are more numerous seven-fold compared with oranges.
  • Vitamin A larger number of four-fold compared with carrots.
  • Proteins are more numerous twice from milk.

That he is what are the benefits of Moringa leaves to treat disease. Terrible is not it?

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