Beauty Tips for Long and Strong Nails

Wednesday, September 20th 2017. | health

Beauty tips for long and strong nails

Strong nails that do not break easily and grow fast is the dream of every woman who wants to have a beautiful hand. But having beautiful and strong nails is not easy. Especially if someone has an activity that must be many or often use his hand.

If we want to have beautiful nails, it is important to dedicate a few minutes of our routine to the day or at least this week. Because beautiful and strong nails do require special care. In addition, having long nails can be a source of bacteria if not cleaned regularly. From here, various diseases can arise if the nails are not properly treated.

The most common problems experienced by people with nails are:

– Nail biting: People who are shy or who suffer from stress and anxiety have a tendency to eat their nails. This should be avoided for those of you who want to have long and beautiful nails.

– Use excessive enamel: Nails need to “breathe” and this is not possible if it continues to be painted with enamel. Additionally the enamel is drying the nails and the enamel remover damages its roots.

– Use nails as a tool: Like a tooth, nails should not be used as a tool. Nails are to protect the fingers and not cleans open gaps or containers.

– Detergent can also affect the nails: Wear gloves when washing clothes, cars, cleaning the house, etc.

Here are the treatments you can take to keep your nails.

How to whiten your nails.

Apply white vinegar with a soft brushed cotton. Another option is to soak it in hot water with hydrogen peroxide once a week.

Harden the nails

Add some juice from some garlic to the enamel. Another option is to crush the garlic and put the pastita on the nail for a few minutes a day.
Other drugs for hardening nails

Dip the nails into a ponytail infusion for 20 minutes.
For instant dry email

Place the painted nails in a water basin with some ice cubes.
Hardener gloss

In a transparent enamel bottle add 8 drops of lemon, 5 drops of white iodine and garlic well crushed.

Mix well and leave marinated for a day. For two weeks use a coat every day. At 15 days remove the enamel and long and strong nails.
For enamel to last longer

Put on white vinegar before painting your nails.

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