Bathroom Design Minimalist Squatting Toilet (WC Squat)

Tuesday, March 21st 2017. | Home Design

A cozy home is a home that is able to facilitate all what is needed by the owner of the house, and one of the rooms that must exist apart from the bedroom is the bathroom, the rooms were familiar with self-cleaning this is mandatory once existence in a home, as well as a place to shower one room is also very identical in matters of “BAB” some design water closet (WC) you can make a choice for our bathrooms, and of how it is used we can divide into two options, namely by sitting or squatting.

To the bathroom with modern style we could choose wc sit while in the bathroom is simple usually more inclined to use the wc squat, well for those of you who are looking for references on the design of a bathroom with wc squatting, following our will review it, for more details directly, we see our discussion this time.


Their water closet in the bathroom is very important, therefore you want to choose a water closet squatting or sitting actually it’s up to our palates, respectively, which must each wc is certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each, for it before we see some room design bathroom with wc squatting would be helpful to know the advantages and disadvantages of a water closet squatting.

Advantages And Disadvantages Water Closet Squatting

1. In terms of health is more in the water closet unggulkan when compared with wc sit, it is in because the squat toilet is not in direct contact between the body and the wc, so it will minimize the occurrence of diseases such as urinary tract or genital infections, apart from in the wc this one is also very good to train so that stronger leg muscles.

2. Another plus in the lavatories are squat can help your abdominal contraction when “CHAPTER” so that energy in keluarkanpun less when compared with sitting wc.

3. In terms of price squat wc somewhat cheaper when compared with wc sit, and comparison of the price is fairly unobtrusive and almost 10-fold.

4. In terms of design flaws may lie in the somewhat monotonous and not very exciting so the look of the bathroom will look more modest and unremarkable.

That was some of the advantages and disadvantages find squat wc, for more details again we can see some minimalist bathroom designs using squat wc as below.

So had some examples of minimalist bathroom wc squat can we serve, that’s all we can say hopefully can inspire you in designing a bathroom to make it look more beautiful and comfortable again.

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