An App For Women To Seek Help

Wednesday, May 10th 2017. | Tips

An App For Women To Seek Help

We are sure is the new App for smartphones that can be downloaded for free from any market. This is how a new application helps us to feel more secure, defend us in the dangerous situation and seek help as quickly as possible.

Did you know that there is an application that calls themselves the 112? And not only!

It also tells us how to behave in order to avoid a risk of assault or stalking, how to defend ourselves, lights a torch in the dark alarm and sends the position where we are when we are in trouble.

It’s called “We are Safe” and is the new App developed by the company Kulta sponsored by the town of Florence.

The App “We are safe” also

And ‘it distributed free on the main market, thus ensuring the maximum possible dissemination and use thereof and avoiding logic related to individual brands;

It ‘anonymous as to download and install the app is not necessary to leave any data, make any registration or similar;

It will not be expected even in future updates to payment (if they will be released upgrades or similar, everything will always be done for free).

Here are the features of our app friend:

Red button: Alarm Alarm!
Clicking on a red button you can activate a sound effect that can displace the jammer attacker, catching him by surprise and catching the attention of any person nearby.
As we said, the app has the function torch which serves to generate a beam of light to dark and the situations of potential danger. The torch also also allows you to output the encoded signal light SOS in intermittent mode.

Blue button: Automatic call emergency numbers
With this feature you can associate with the blue button call directly and immediately to a selected number in Settings. That’s why the App allows you to connect directly to the key 112, the 113 or possibly 1522, helping in moments of terror and panic

Orange Key: SMS “I’m here”
This button allows you to send SMS message asking for help containing the geographical position at the time of, calculated to the nearest permitted at that time by the available connection.

The SMS can be sent to one or more recipients, whose telephone numbers are selected previously in the Settings.

Prevention education in an App

The function “Decalogue” focuses on prevention and better behaviors to deter attackers or to be ready to face them.

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