How to Advertise on Facebook Using Local Bank Payment System (Without Credit Card)

Friday, March 31st 2017. | Internet Business

Facebook Advertising is a medium which is good enough if you want to advertise your business. But there are still many obstacles encountered to use Facebook Ads, one of them is a payment method that requires using a credit card because not everyone has it. But now it can be overcome because of Facebook Ads provide a payment method using a local bank.

Hasil gambar untuk cara agar penjualan online meningkat

Jualan yang cepat laku –┬áHere Agus, a colleague on Facebook who is a specialist SEO, gives a tutorial on how to use a local bank as the payment method Facebook Ads:

1. Create a New Facebook Account (Try to be in the backup ID (identity card, driving license, passport, etc.)

2. Setting the language to account for Indonesian.

3. Go to the Advertisement Manager / or

4. In this tutorial I use the setting Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and Timezone: (GMT-08: 00) Pacific Time

5. Click on the tab Billing

6. On the Payment Methods, click to add a new payment method

7. The display will appear as follows:

8. In this turorial I choose the payment method with ATM and Bank Transfer. Then click Continue .

9. Add Money to Your Prepaid Advertising Account (Fill in the balance as you want)

10. In this tutorial I fill the balance of 100,000, and then click review the payments.

11. Click make a payment .

12. Add Money to Your Prepaid Advertising Account, then click continue.

13. Click continue

14. Then it will pop out as shown below:

15. Nex click GET PAYMENT CODE

16. Then follow the next command, ie make payments / transfers through a local bank.

17. Immediately make a payment as described by the system.

18. If you’ve already made a payment, then you’ll get an email that the balance has been entered into your facebook advertising account.



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