This address is Diler Motor Tricycle Luxury Rp11 Million

Friday, April 7th 2017. | Cars

Indonesian Society, is currently being shocked by the presence of three-wheeled motorcycle. Fancy shape, equipped with facilities like car. There is air conditioning, audio, and some other equipment. Distributor named City Car, but with a brand Hods.

Just like a car, you will not pass on the streets wet when it rains. Likewise, when the sun is blazing, it will not overheat. Body City Car is similar to a car, there is a roof, walls, and windows. If the temperature is more extreme, just turn on the AC. Guaranteed to cool.

This address is Diler Motor Tricycle Luxury Rp11 Million

In Pekanbaru, City Car is distributed by Metro Motor. To, Idris as the distributor said the City Car is a Japanese production. His unit was directly imported from Japan.

“Currently, the units are ready in Pekanbaru is already limited. This is to be promoted throughout the region. Not only in Singapore, but the entire Riau,” he said.


Currently, the existing residents who bought Pekanbaru. “The units are ready for sale. If I display in the street, would be much to buy. We are now sale first. However, if anyone wants to buy, can come to our place, Jalan Sudirman 25 Pekanbaru, next to the Ramayana,” said Idris.


The new units come on this, he said, has a tag of only Rp11 million. Cheaper than other models, previously priced at Rp18 million. “If the specification unit price of Rp11 million to Rp18 million is not much different. The body is just a rather slim. If the air conditioning and audio at all. Then, the unit price of Rp11 million 150cc engine,” said Idris.


City Car is a capacity for three people. Of course, you are much more comfortable traveling with City Car instead of using a regular motorcycle.

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