5 Ideas For The House That Show That You Are Up To Date!

Wednesday, May 10th 2017. | Tips

5 Ideas For The House That Show That You Are Up To Date!

A house to perfection Or rather, the trends Figure out if your home has an interior all current design and rediscovered full of elements in vogue, it will be easy, after identifying 5 macro stylistic ideas in step with the times. Features and colors, styles and finishes nothing is excluded from the focus! Let’s see what are some indicators of a trendy and modern home, doing a tour of the most succulent proposals coming directly from our experts.

A summary of things to do

You have already realized that it could not be easier to clean the glass. Just making regular cleaning, once a month will be more than enough. As stated, it takes very little. A slight brush to remove dust, a sprayer for cleaning liquid, which is done in the case or specially purchased, and a cotton cloth (but even an old t-shirt will be fine!). Really enough these few elements.

The only problem could give it to you the very high windows. But also in this case with a bit ‘of practicality and ingenuity, the problem can be solved. On a broomstick, in fact, we can apply a cloth moistened in the cleaning liquid.

After cleaning the glass in depth, it will suffice to replace it with a dry cloth. And finally, use to shine the surfaces the best material for this purpose the newspaper. Try to wrap the rag with the newspaper yesterday and you will see how your windows shine.

And a summary of what is best avoided

To clean the glass, it will be good to repeat it, any kind of a cotton garment can be recycled and become a rag to clean the windows. The only rule is to not use hard or rough fabrics, which can scratch and ruin the glass. Thing that can happen even if the dust is not removed completely, and thus tend to rub the surfaces with debris.

We also pointed out that the main trick for optimal cleaning is regularity. Once a month will do, although for the glass bathroom surfaces, subject to continuous effects of condensate, it will be good not to wait that long.

In the bathroom, then, will be better to dry wet parts very often, then dry them carefully. And, for example, you may want to do a thorough cleaning at least once a week the bath or shower to the pits.

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