This is 5 Benefits of Organic Food

Friday, March 31st 2017. | health

In the past, organic food sold only in health food stores. Now, organic foods are so easy to find. Because organic foods are becoming more and more popular among people, especially those who are on a diet.

For those of you who want to change the healthier lifestyle by eating organic foods, organic foods following benefits:

The content of antioxidants and vitamins plus

Some studies have shown that organic foods contain high antioxidants. Even at 69 percent compared to non-organic foods. The vitamin C content in organic foods, such as corn and berries, was also 52 percent higher.

Less nitrate

Nitrate is often associated with a cancer risk in various parts of the body. Were found organic foods contain fewer nitrates by 30 percent. Thus, organic food on the risk of cancer is lower.

Less chemicals

The land used for growing organic crops could still lag behind pesticides. However, organic food has been shown to contain even less chemicals than the diet of non-organic foods.

Contains no antibiotics

Organic animals are not given antibiotics. Eat animals treated with antibiotics to be infected with bacteria that are immune to such antibiotics. When it is invulnerable, the antibiotics needed at higher levels to treat a disease.

respectful of the environment

Organic farming was originally created to reduce pollution. In addition, because the planting process occurs naturally, the quality of the soil is also improved and the water content is maintained.
If you want to change a healthier lifestyle, you can start by regularly eating organic food. In addition to a safer and healthier, organic food is said to have better tastes.


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