2 Homemade Anti Acne Masks

Tuesday, September 26th 2017. | health

The mask of yeast and beer is suitable for all skin types. Thanks to the ingredients gives us firmness and helps purify toxins and reduce excess sebum

Acne-containing skin requires special care to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells and toxins, while requiring sanctified and disinfected products.

In this article we share 4 fantastic facial masks that you can prepare at home with simple and natural ingredients. Forget chemicals, which are too aggressive in the long run, and discover the great benefits of this herb.

How do they work?

Natural face mask to overcome the acne should be applied once a week. If you also have problems with oily skin, you can try to apply it twice.

We will thoroughly wash our face and exfoliate soft skin with a little salt or sugar, massaging our skins in groups. We will urge the greasier area, but we will avoid the skin scratches where there is acne.

We will rinse the skin again with water and dry it well.
Apply mask to avoid eye contour and leave for 20 minutes.
Next step, wash and dry the face using a clean cloth, and immediately apply a light moisturizing lotion for the face. We can use, for example jojoba oil or coconut oil which, although it has an oily texture, at least the fat can be found.
If our skin is too fat we will only apply some natural aloe vera.

Aloe vera and lemon

Aloe vera is a plant famous for its moisturizing and healing properties. They usually sell their gels at pharmacies and dukuns, but we recommend that the plants at home, and we can get them directly by cutting one of its leaves when we need it.

We have to peel the penca and extract the gelatin mass, which we will clean properly to clean up other irritating substances that exist between the penca and the gel.

For this mask we will also use lemon, because it has a great cleanser, purify and eliminate excess fat.

How do we prepare it?

We will mix natural aloe vera gel with lemon juice. We can also use the spirit of the skin if the lemon is ecological.
Shake the ingredients correctly until completely flattened, add more lemon juice or more aloe vera until you get the right consistency for your natural mask.

Green clay

Clay is a miracle drug used since ancient times to extract the toxins from our body and simultaneously provide minerals. We can use or use them for cosmetics as well as in health, such as to relieve pain and inflammation. Formerly clay was used directly, because this one is clean, but at this time we recommend to buy it in any shaman or parapharmacy.

Clay is one of the most effective ingredients in the fight against acne because it can help us to remove harmful substances that trigger and cause acne and at the same time reduce inflammation.

How do we prepare it?

First of all, mix the green powder clay with warm water. Add little by little, until you get a spread texture that is not easy to drip.
We will use glass, wood or ceramic equipment, and we will avoid plastic and metal.

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